Why Salesfusion’s New Email Builder Is the Best Thing that Happened to our Marketing Team in 2015

by Katie Liesmann on November 24, 2015

Up until now, part of being part of the marketing team at UpCurve Cloud has meant learning a bit of HTML in order to create and send out emails. The reason is, the marketing automation tools we’ve used over the years required tweaks to the code of the email to get it looking just right in all browsers and for all devices. However, all of that is changing as Marketing Automation companies start to improve and simplify the email creation process. Our partner, and internal Marketing Automation tool, Salesfusion, released a new Email Builder earlier this year, and we think this makes it an ideal tool for SMBs. Here are the reasons UpCurve Cloud’s marketing team is in love with the new email builder.

Responsive Design

The new email builder has responsive design built into every email you send out. Responsive design reshapes your email content to the screen it’s being viewed in so that the reader has the optimal viewing experience on their phone, tablet, or another device. This is important because 47% of today’s emails are viewed on a mobile device. We don’t want to risk being sent to the trash, or worse Spam because our email isn’t readable on other devices.

Litmus Testing

The new “litmus testing” feature allows you to check how your email will look across multiple email clients. We check our new email designs on Outlook and Gmail since those are most commonly used in business--but this Litmus tool allows you to test on any email platform you want to--even back to Outlook 2000.

Built-In Image Editing

You never really know if an image is perfect for your email until you load it into the email builder. Sometimes, I end up needing a different size or color of the image. Previously, if I resized the image within the tool, some email clients (such as Outlook) would display the original image size I uploaded instead of what I resized the HTML to render. So, instead, I use to have to go back into photoshop and edit the image, and then upload and replace it in the media library. Now, the tool has an entire image editor built into the builder, and it saves copies of your image with the changes you’ve made.


Easier for Our Customers to Use

The new email builder has a drag-and-drop user interface and contains pre-built templates and themes. Not only are our customers happier because the tool is incredibly easy for them to use, but our jobs are easier because the product is easy for us to market. With the new email builder, anyone can get an email built and sent out in a matter of minutes.


The new email builder makes it simple for SMB’s to create emails that are more likely to be read since they are designed to look good on any device or email client.  If you are interested in the new Salesfusion email builder or want to know more about how we use it, contact us today!

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Katie Liesmann
Marketing Manager at UpCurve Cloud
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