Sending Secure Faxes from SugarCRM

by Katie Liesmann on March 17, 2016

Many of us would consider fax machines to be a thing of the past. But if you work in a more traditional organization (e.g. healthcare, legal, etc.), that needs to send documents containing sensitive info, you know that faxing is still a standard in some industries. One of our customers, in the healthcare industry, sends faxes to patients, insurance companies, and doctors on a regular basis. Previously employees were required to manually review and scan incoming faxes, manually create cover pages and letters to send with each fax, and identify the correct fax number to type into the fax machine. To eliminate these manual tasks, our engineers customized their Sugar instance which enables them to send a secure, templated fax at the push of a button without ever leaving the CRM. While viewing a case, users can click the custom option “Send Fax” under the drop-down edit menu. When a user clicks this option a drawer opens up within a record view that allows a user to walk through a three-step faxing wizard.

The wizard guides users through the process of faxing a doctor, insurance office, or patient. They are not able to access steps two or three until step one is complete, which ensures they don’t forget any steps.

In step one, the user selects a recipient for the fax. This will automatically pull in the associated records from the custom Laboratory, Insurance Company, and Patient modules. A user can select one of those three options to send the fax to, or type in a custom recipient. When they select a recipient, this will automatically pull in the Contact’s name and fax number into the template.

In step two, the user can select a template to create the fax form. The templates were built by UpCurve Cloud using Sugar’s email template builder. By using this method, users can access and edit the templates without the help of a developer. At this step, the user can also choose to “Preview/Edit Fax” to make any one-off changes the document might require or insert special instructions not normally included in the templates.

The final step is to hit Send or Cancel the fax. Once a user hits send, the fax is automatically created, sent, and stored in the appropriate case and contact records.

This customization requires the use of a third-party service, sFax, which is an online faxing service designed for the healthcare industry. This service also includes a “barcode” on each inbound fax that allows Sugar to know what record to store incoming faxes with. This customization allowed our customer to spend less time processing and sending faxes, and more time on meeting organizational goals. How does your organization handle storing faxes or other documents? Let us know in the here

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Katie Liesmann
Marketing Manager at UpCurve Cloud
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