Setting Up Work Profiles on Your Company’s Mobile Android Devices

by Denise Hazime on June 8, 2017


As of early June 2017, business G Suite users have the ability to set up “Work Profiles” for employees on mobile Android devices, including tablets and smartphones. Creating a customized Work Profile allows an employee to keep personal and company apps separate, which provides an additional layer of security for company data. It also provides data security for personal information, ensuring that when updates are performed, anything in your team’s personal profiles are not overwritten.  


This change allows businesses that do not provide some or all of an employee’s electronic devices, and that need to provide a secure work environment on BYOD devices. “Company Owned” devices will not have the option of having a Work Profile, as it is assumed that these devices are used solely for business. Work profiles will be the default option for all Google Mobile Management clients going forward, although your users can choose to opt out of using work profiles on individual devices.  

Work Profiles - More Secure and Better for Your Business

While it may seem easier to just have an employee use their phone, an additional layer of complexity comes into play if your business has sensitive company data, or if you need to perform any admin-level app installation or device configuration. If your employee is logged into their Work Profile, you’ll be able to control the environment and the flow of data. If you have to perform administrative functions on their smartphone, you won’t be able to make the mistake of blowing away any personal data - such as contacts - which could annoy employees who have agreed to use their own device for work. As an administrator, you would only have access to the employee’s work profile. Additionally, if you are using monitoring tools such as Prodoscore, you’ll be able to monitor what your team members are doing in G Suite and select CRM applications more easily on a BYOD device if you install Work Profiles. Prodoscore assigns a productivity score to each team member and allows management to check up on tasks that are being performed non-invasively and in a transparent manner.  

How do I get Set Up With Google Mobile Management and Work Profiles?

Google’s post on the change gives detailed instructions for getting set up with Google Mobile Management and implementing work profiles. The requirements are:  

  1. Your company must be a G Suite client of any level
  2. You must have Google Mobile Management enabled
  3. The device must have the Lollipop, Marshmallow or Nougat version of Android
  4. Android advanced management has been enabled
  5. Your business has whitelisted apps it wants available for Work Profiles on Google Play

While Work Profiles are attractive for BYOD devices, the setup is admittedly cumbersome for a business without an active IT department - or for businesses with overworked IT departments. Contact UpCurve Cloud today to get us to install it for you, or to explain the benefits of using Google Mobile Management for your company Android devices.

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