Google is making the Quick Access feature in Google Docs available to more G Suite users and is adding natural language search when you’re looking for documents. These launches mean you spend less time searching for documents and more time working on them.

Expanding Quick Access in Docs to More Users

The Google team launched Quick Access in Docs earlier this year to help users spend less time searching for the right documents and more time crafting ideas. They're now making this feature available to all G Suite users. Previously it was only available on a subset of G Suite editions.

Quick Access uses artificial intelligence to suggest relevant files in the right hand “Explore” panel of Docs based on your Google Drive activity and information in your document. You can use this to add related resources to a document you’re working on, discover additional content that’s relevant to projects, and more.

See the Google Help Center to find out how to use Explore in Google Docs.

Quick Access in Google Docs

Adding Natural Language Processing to Search in Explore

Google is making the search in Google Docs’ “Explore” panel easier by adding natural language Processing. This means you can search in a more natural and intuitive way. Just describe what you’re looking for, and Docs will find it for you. So you can search for things like “show me slides shared with me last week” or “show me documents I created this month” and Docs will find the best results. This is similar to the natural language processing used in other Google products and will show you relevant files and information from your Google Drive, including Docs, Sheets, and Slides files.

See the Google Help Center to find out how to search from inside a document in Google Docs.