Hosting a fully collaborative workplace is critical in the modern business world - team members who work together as a well-oiled machine are more likely to put out high-quality work, as every employee involved in a project has a say in the process. G Suite remains the most powerful and versatile cloud-based productivity suite available to organizations of all sizes, allowing team members to collaborate in real-time on the most recent versions of every single file, without the speed bumps caused by miscommunications about revision histories.

G Suite’s version history feature allows everybody to stay fully up-to-date on collaborative files to avoid confusion and minimize miscommunications about files in the workplace.

Always know that you are dealing with the latest version

Collaboration in the workplace is important but equally important is your team’s ability to stay on the same page at all times. In the past, legacy software solutions have forced team members to pass files to one another in order to stay up to date, with many files getting lost in the shuffle, forcing teams to re-do work that has been misplaced, and leaving team members twiddling their thumbs while they wait to be updated. G Suite’s version history feature puts this problem to rest, giving your entire team access to a comprehensive history of every change that has ever been made to every workplace file, whether it’s in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, putting an end to the previously never-ending search for the most recent file, and eliminating that dreaded question: “Is this the most recent version of the file?”

A comprehensive history of every workplace file

Having many team members collaborating on a workplace file gives a major competitive advantage over other organizations, helping teams to meet deadlines and allowing everybody to contribute to projects. With so many users accessing each file at different times and working on different content, it’s important for your team to be able to see who has made edits, where they’ve made them, and when they were made. This allows your team to easily backtrack in the event that a pivot is required. G Suite makes this extremely easy for every workplace file, giving all users the option to “restore this version” under the version history tab of every Docs, Sheets, and Slides file. Different versions of files can be named by users, allowing users to keep track of each version by using custom names instead of the date and time of that particular edit.

This means that pivoting is far easier for your teams, as is restoring work that may have been accidentally lost or erased in the shuffle. The version history feature also allows organizations to hold team members accountable in the event that work is lost or done improperly, allowing all users to see which member is responsible for every existing edit, addition, or removal. This increases transparency in every single project, making it easy for teams to determine how much certain members have contributed to projects to determine who is and isn’t pulling their weight. Users can even use the feature to view a “clean” version of each document, showing you what a file looks like with and without suggested edits and comments, also allowing you to respond to comments and accept or reject suggested edits instantly.

The most collaborative workplace solution

G Suite has allowed for the most collaborative work experience possible, allowing your entire team to work within files simultaneously and in real-time. Collaboration in G Suite encourages your team members to work together to solve problems, and to communicate with one another, allowing for increased workplace efficiency, higher quality projects, and ensuring that everybody remains on the same page at all times. G Suite also gives administrators the controls they require to restrict access to certain documents to only relevant users, to easily observe which users are accessing which documents and from what devices they are accessing them from, and to ensure that workplace data remains secure through advanced privacy and security tools.

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