Why You Should Stop Telling Google Apps to “Get Off Your Lawn”

by Denise Hazime on March 17, 2016

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Google Apps for Work is a proven collaboration and communication tool that can save any size of company money on software licensing costs and, in some cases, hardware costs by replacing expensive laptops, internal servers and video-conferencing equipment. It contains better replacements for everything in the Microsoft Office suite, including Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and Excel. It allows staff to collaborate in real time on documents, provides better and more secure email hosting than that which you get with a standard provider, and does it all for extremely low predictable annual costs. With all of these benefits, why isn’t everyone adopting Google Apps for Work? As with any new technology, it finds its largest roadblock in those who resist change. Google Apps has huge uptake among younger adults and students, partially due to the fact that Google Apps for Education is free and, as of February 2015, had a user base of 40 million users. Given the growth rate, Google expects that number will be 110 million by 2020. This means that new hires will come to companies pre-trained on Google Apps. This makes Google Apps for Work the millennial and Generation Z software suite of choice, which should also make it a company’s first choice if they want to increase employee engagement and reduce training costs

  Google Apps has huge uptake among younger adults and students, partially due to the fact that Google Apps for Education is free and, as of February 2015, had a user base of 40 million users.

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Generation X and Up Raised on Microsoft

Adults from their mid-30s and up were raised with the brand of Microsoft indelibly linked to our core software tools. We may have tried a few other things, like Corel Wordperfect and Open Office, but they were both alternatives to Microsoft Office. Even the most ardent Apple fanboys had copies of Microsoft Office on their Macs. There is a lot of trust out there for the Microsoft brand and what it stands for, despite legions of security holes and bloated code that have trashed files on our computers for years. Remember that stunning report, essay, presentation, or half-finished novel that you did that one time? Of course you don’t, since it got trashed when Office crashed on you. But none of that matters to people over a certain age - Microsoft=software, and that’s the broken record that keeps playing over and over again in our heads. Microsoft’s entrenchment with the over-35 crowd has contributed significantly to the rise of Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft’s answer to Google Apps for Work. IT admins and CTOs who are tied into the Microsoft ecosystem simply don’t want to let it go, despite the significant cost savings and security that Google Apps for Work offers. But as time goes on, and Google continues to grow and offer considerable upgrades to the service, the reasons for turning down overtures from Google Apps for Work are going to get fewer. It’s time to embrace change.  

Cloud Versus Client - Cloud Is Always Better than Local Files

There are many reasons to store and work in the cloud over and above the fact that files can no longer easily be deleted or disappear with a hardware failure. Being able to access files and emails from anywhere, reducing the need to send endless emails back and forth, and offering better security and compliance are all equally good reasons to go cloud versus client. And while Microsoft Office 365 does offer cloud storage, its adoption encourages users to go either way if they like - and that’s a mistake. You don’t want half of the files in your organization being only accessible by certain employees, or for two or three employees in a department to have a different work style from the rest. System-wide adoption of cloud computing is a much better model for the efficiency of an organization than a hybrid adoption model. Google’s search function is also an excellent reason to go cloud versus client. If you search for anything on Google Drive, you’ll see all of the files you’re permitted to access in seconds. If you’re still stuck in Microsoftland, these searches can take much longer and won’t include most files stored on local machines. Email is probably the best example of where cloud computing triumphs over use of an email client. If emails are downloaded only to a local machine, the entire history of communication with one employee is locked away on their hard drive. Entire client histories could be stored there, without anyone being able to access them. With cloud email like Gmail, you can easily store and backup emails with Google Vault for reference later - something many compliance departments and regulations demand - and share this information with the organization through easy integration with Customer Relationship Management solutions. These are just a couple of examples of how Gmail is a superior solution.  

Don’t Just Be Yourself - Be Anyone, Anywhere with Google Apps for Work


The old model of business is one email, one persona, and one company for one worker. In today’s economy, you may have a number of emails with different domains arriving in your inbox if you represent multiple clients. Google recognizes this and makes it easy to respond to multiple emails and work on different files from different companies - all on the go. Google Apps makes it possible to conduct your entire business life from your smartphone if necessary. Google Chrome instances allow you to have completely separate bookmarks, passwords and communications under different user names, which you can log into easily with one touch and switch between seamlessly. You can log into Google Hangouts with multiple accounts and be in touch with everyone at once - this can’t be done with Skype or other chat solutions. This freedom to be anyone you want in multiple instances doesn’t exist inside of an Apple or Microsoft OS - mobile or otherwise.

Don’t Just Be Yourself - Be Anyone, Anywhere with Google Apps for Work

Essentially, Google Apps for Work is everything we were promised for what the future would hold in computing. It’s here - reaching out and embracing change is the next step. With its adoption, you are truly free to work from anywhere, with full oversight and security. Plus, all Google Apps for Work products work seamlessly with Microsoft Office files, so converting over won’t be a hassle for those used to working with Office. If you’d like to find out more about Google Apps for Work, contact UpCurve Cloud for more. We’re Google Apps for Work experts and were one of the first resellers when it initially came out. We can help those resistant to change get excited about it instead.

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