Cloud hosting is a flexible solution for your business data storage needs, allowing you to effectively and reliably host data from company apps, backups of important client information, and a whole host of other crucial business data functions. The team at UpCurve Cloud is experienced in the deployment and implementation of cloud hosting services offered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS), offering responsive support and full-service capabilities that will transform your business.

The Benefits of Harnessing the Power of Cloud Hosting

Hosting your business data and applications through cloud hosting providers like Google and Amazon brings a wide variety of benefits to your company that other providers will not be able to match. Both Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services offer the might of their existing IT infrastructure, meaning that your business data will be quickly and reliably accessible, your business will have access to unlimited storage, be able to take advantage of the many hybrid capabilities available through both platforms, and can rest assured that all of your company’s sensitive business data will be kept secure at all times.

Making the transition to cloud hosting also gives your business the ability to effectively reduce or eliminate the amount of redundant and archaic business servers that exist solely to backup your company data, costing you both time and money required for regular upkeep and maintenance. With cloud hosting solutions implemented and deployed by UpCurve Cloud, your business will benefit from a faster and more effective setup process, as well as minimal downtime, allowing your business to continue functioning at maximum capacity.

If you still require that some data be housed on a local on-premise server, both Google and Amazon offer hybrid data storage solutions. Often a small in-house server is more than enough to house critical data, and the rest of your company’s needs can be handled affordably through cloud hosting. However, all of Google’s and Amazon’s data storage solutions are secure enough that they render any on-premise hosting unnecessary in most cases.

The Real World Applications of Upgrading to Cloud Hosting

Upgrading to cloud hosting services has benefitted many organizations in a variety of ways - Loblaw Digital used Google Cloud Platform to boost the performance of their grocery shopping website, increasing company revenue and customer convenience in the process. Route4Me, one of the most popular navigation apps in the world, used GCP to improve the overall performance of their application, seeing performance grow up to 12x and allowing users to optimize driving routes faster than ever before.

The TVG Network, an online horse racing business owned by Paddy Power Betfair, even used Google Cloud Platform to allow customers to place bets faster and more confidently than ever before, maximizing revenue and saving up to $500,000 annually due to minimized IT involvement. Boingo Wireless, an American internet access provider, made the jump to cloud storage provided by AWS and found that taking away maintenance associated with on-premises servers allowed them to operate at a much faster rate, saw significant cost savings, and observed massive performance improvements.

A Proven Track Record of Excellence

UpCurve Cloud has a long history of providing organizations around the country with superior cloud hosting services from Google Cloud Platform and other major hosting sources. Our experienced team is fully dedicated to the implementation and deployment of cloud platforms for businesses of all sizes and sectors, helping companies everywhere take advantage of the many benefits of upgrading to reliable cloud hosting solutions. UpCurve Cloud is a Google Cloud Premier Partner experienced in the effective implementation of cloud computing and hosting services.

When you choose UpCurve Cloud to implement and deploy cloud hosting services into your business, you’re choosing a cloud implementation provider that is fully dedicated to offering responsive and reliable support to all clients, no matter what needs or issues your company discovers. Our team loves to be challenged and has proven time and time again that they are fully capable of exceeding client expectations. Contrast this to just being able to file a support ticket if you purchase your solutions from enterprise-level organizations like Google or Amazon directly, and you can see the additional layers of value that UpCurve cloud offers - particularly if there is an issue with mission-critical data.

For more information on how UpCurve Cloud can help your business make the seamless transition to cloud hosting through Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services, offering experienced full-service implementation and deployment throughout your company, and the most responsive and reliable support available, contact us today.

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