Styling and Editing Tools for Notes in Sugar

by Amanda Anderson on August 31, 2012

Sometimes, on Fridays, I attend our engineers’ peer review meeting. During their meeting, the guys show off cool projects they’ve completed, difficult problems they’ve solved, or they will ask for help from their peers. Through all of the PHP code and javascript they go through, I’m able to come away with a full list of interesting customer use cases and projects that could be helpful to other Sugar users. In last week’s peer review, I learned of a common customization we’ve done for our customers using a WYSIWYG (wizzywig) editor. WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get. It’s an editing tool used to style text in emails, blogs, or word docs. By using one of the many wizzywig editors out there, people can easily style a document by making text bigger, align right, or change the color, without the need for HTML code tags. SugarCRM has the text editor tool in the Email Module so users can create HTML and Graphic emails.

A few of our customers have requested that a WYSIWYG tool be placed in other areas of Sugar. We’ve had clients need the editor for Sugar Notes, the description field inside of a record, and other text area fields in Sugar. After adding the wizzywig editor, users can change the styling of their text in edit view.


After editing the text and saving the note or record, the styling is also saved in the detail view. This allows our customers to easily copy and paste this data directly from Sugar and into external documents without having to restyle the text.  When taking notes in Sugar, users can have a better hierarchy of information, bullet point items, and highlight the most important information. For more information about the wizzywig editor in Sugar, contact us here

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