Sugar Account Newsfeed Dashlet

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on September 21, 2015

Sugar users can quickly add a valuable feature that provides the latest information for any of their accounts.

A Google newsfeed panel can be added to the intelligence pane for accounts.

Sugar uses the Account Name to conduct a search for the most recent items posted from various sources, retrieves the information and posts it to the Account Intelligence Pane.

Note that each news item includes the title, source, and first few lines of the article.

When selected, the title will link the user to the full article.

Let’s review the steps required to provide a NewsFeed panel for your accounts.

Step 1: Select the arrow on the create button and select “Edit”

Step 2: Select “Add A Row +1 Column”

Step 3: Select “Add A Sugar Dashlet”

Step 4: Select “News” from the Add a Sugar Dashlet choices

Step 5: Select “Save”

Step 6: Select “Save” to save the Newsfeed to your Account Intelligence Pane


Now, any time you open up an account record, you will be presented with the latest headlines for the company.

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Sarah Friedlander Garcia
Director of Marketing at UpCurve Cloud
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