SugarCRM, G Suite and UpCurve Cloud - A Perfect Pairing

by Denise Hazime on May 25, 2017

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Sugar is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that is scalable for any size of business. At UpCurve Cloud, we leverage the power of Sugar CRM’s integration with G Suite to ensure that all client opportunities and requests are captured, and little to no manual data entry is needed to keep your CRM in good shape.  

Sugar CRM: Built Differently From Other CRMs

Sugar was built with the premise of being simple to use and integrate with the rest of your systems. It only offers the features you are looking for in a streamlined interface that makes it simple to drill down to the data you need. In this fast-paced world, clients don’t have the time to wait for you to dig up the information they want, and you could be spending more time on their file. You’ll be able to see quickly who in your organization was the last connection with your clients, what your client was promised, and who is working on your client’s deliverables.

The features Sugar CRM includes are core sales, marketing and customer support automation, along with the ability to find all files related to your client in one place. The main purpose of a CRM is storing customer interactions, while its backup purpose is as an automation tool. Sugar CRM does both well, and does them best when paired with G Suite.  

How Sugar Integrates with G Suite

Sugar CRM offers a deep integration with G Suite. Emails sent in Gmail can be automatically attached to a client record, as can Google Calendar events. Everything which is done in G Suite apps can automatically update Sugar client records (called Contact records within Sugar).

Grabbing client files is easy with G Suite and Sugar - search Google Drive from within Sugar for any files that aren’t attached to a client record, and attach Google Docs to a client record either within Sugar or within Google Docs. These are just some examples of how G Suite integrates with Sugar - there is much more you can do, and with UpCurve Cloud even custom requests are usually possible with our G Suite integration expertise.

Sugar doesn’t just integrate with G Suite - it integrates with your Android smartphone or tablet so that your employees can access customer data on the go at any time. It also integrates with Google Maps so you can get directions to a customer’s location right from within their Sugar client record - again both on mobile and on the desktop, so you don’t even have to open Google Maps to navigate to a customer’s location while on the road.  

Track Employee Productivity in Sugar with Prodoscore

In addition to G Suite, we also offer Prodoscore, which lets you monitor your employee’s productivity within both G Suite and Sugar CRM. Prodoscore is set up in the background so employees are unaware of any monitoring, and assigns them a productivity score - called a Prodoscore - which helps management evaluate productivity by showing what tasks they perform in various Google Apps and Sugar.  

UpCurve Cloud Ties it all Together

When it comes to software integration, UpCurve Cloud will make sure the job is done right. Sure, you could set up the integration yourself, but a missed check box could mean that Sugar doesn’t capture vital data from G Suite. It’s best to have your integration done by people who know what the tricks are that most administrators miss. Ask us for more information on setting up G Suite to work properly with Sugar CRM, and Prodoscore to monitor your remote and in-office teams.  

Start a Google G Suite Trial

With your Google G Suite account, you’ll have access to email, video conferences, online storage, and other business tools. With UpCurve Cloud you get personalized and prompt service from a Google certified sales engineer, during your 2 week trial at no additional cost.

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