SugarExchange in Sugar (Beta)

by Simona Croitoru on October 24, 2017

Do you love SugarExchange? With the “SugarExchange in Sugar” add-on, it’s now much easier to discover and learn about new applications in SugarCRM’s partner ecosystem directly within your instance of Sugar.

Here are some features and benefits that we think that you will love:

News & Partner Events

Check out the latest news and partner events posted in the partner corner!

Browse Full Profile Information

Complete profile information is available on the intelligence panel. Browse the overview, description, and even watch demo videos all from within Sugar.


Engage in the Community

Provide feedback and suggest ideas through the SugarCommunity. In this group, you can ask questions, start a discussion, and even post an idea for new features. Check out the "Feedback & News" link on the bottom left of the add-on. 

Request Information

Get more info from the partner by filling out the information request form. With this add-on, you can request more information from the partner by filling out a simple form. This makes getting in contact with the Sugar partners simple and easy. 

If you love SugarExchange as much as we do, add it to your Sugar instance and let us know what you think!

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