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    Archive for November 2014

    Sugar User Group: Sugar Workflow Automation

    By Sarah Friedlander Garcia • November 24th, 2014

    On November 18th, we had our SugarCRM User Group Meeting focused on Sugar Workflow Automation. Read on to access all notes, slides, and video. Read More »

    Tutorial: Automating Talend Jobs to Transfer Data

    By Marc Dicaire • November 21st, 2014

    This blog post tutorial demonstrates how to schedule a Talend Job using Talent 5.4 in a Windows 7 Environment. Read More »

    SugarOutfitters Part II - SugarChimp Review

    By Sarah Friedlander Garcia • November 14th, 2014

    Second installment of our SugarOutfitters series. Meet SugarChimp! Leverage the best of both Mailchimp and SugarCRM. Read More »

    SugarOutfitters, Part I - Overview

    By Sarah Friedlander Garcia • November 10th, 2014

    We would like to introduce you to SugarOutfitters. SugarOutfitters is a fresh, new way of finding 3rd party modules for SugarCRM. Read More »

    Top 10 Blogs We Like to Read

    By Sarah Friedlander Garcia • November 3rd, 2014

    It’s a blog post of blogs! A list of our top ten blogs we like to read to stay on top of the current industry news and trends. Read More »