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Sugar Target and Target List Functionality with Act-On

By Paul Scondac • February 28th, 2017

Act-On Marketing Automation was recently updated with the ability to send emails to Targets and Target Lists imported from Sugar. Read More »

Tracking Subscriptions in SugarCRM

By Katie Liesmann • February 24th, 2017

To manage subscriptions and renewals in Sugar some organizations add additional fields to Sugar’s Accounts module. Read More »

CRM for Legal: Product Demo

By Sarah Friedlander Garcia • February 22nd, 2017

On February 14th, we demoed in our webinar how CRM can be used to manage your firm's relationships, matter pipeline and new business prospecting. Read More »

Embedded Content Field

By Cristian Golopenta • February 14th, 2017

The Embedded Content Field is a new addition to uTilities, our library of Sugar Customizations that allows users to embed social media content to records. Read More »

SugarCRM Deployment Options

By Katie Liesmann • February 8th, 2017

One highly applauded feature of SugarCRM is the multiple hosting options it provides. Read More »

Sales + Marketing: Tearing Down the Silos

By Sarah Friedlander Garcia • February 8th, 2017

Successful organizations need to utilize both CRM and marketing automation systems.Connecting these two systems can help you fully realize the value in each. Read More »

SugarCRM Releases Mobile 4.1

By Katie Liesmann • February 6th, 2017

Sugar Mobile version 4.1.0 has four new features in the new edition of mobile and they all revolve around offline mode. Read More »

Get a SmartStart: Software to Grow Your Business

By Sarah Friedlander Garcia • February 3rd, 2017

On January 26th, our webinar discussed how your organization can gain immediate value and results with CRM. Read More »

Sugar User Group: Customer Journey Plug-In

By Sarah Friedlander Garcia • February 1st, 2017

On January 24th, we had our Sugar User Group Meeting focused on the Customer Journey Plug-In with Kristian af Sandeberg from Addoptify. Read More »