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    Archive for April 2017

    Use of Prepared Statements in Sugar 7.9

    By Matthew Marum • April 27th, 2017

    Prepared Statements is a database feature that allows the same or similar queries to be executed with more efficiency and greater security. Read More »

    uCalendar: Advanced Calendar Configuration for Sugar

    By Paul Scondac • April 21st, 2017

    uCalendar is a customizable calendar solution for Sugar to display any standard or custom Sugar module on a calendar. Read More »

    UpCurve Cloud Named 2017 SugarCRM Global Partner and North American Partner of the Year

    By Sarah Friedlander Garcia • April 17th, 2017

    UpCurve Cloud has achieved Elite status, SugarCRM Global Partner and North American Partner of the Year. Read More »

    SugarCRM Mobile 5.0.0 and Mobile SDK Beta

    By Paul Scondac • April 13th, 2017

    SugarCRM Mobile received a major overhaul, with the release of SugarCRM Mobile 5.0.0 for both iOS and Android. Read More »

    Sugar Showcase: Relationship Analytics for Sugar

    By Sarah Friedlander Garcia • April 5th, 2017

    On March 28th, we had our Sugar Showcase webinar highlighting TrustSphere's Relationship Analaytics for Sugar integration. Read More »

    How to Build Chart Layouts for Sugar 7 – Part 2

    By David Ranney • April 5th, 2017

    In Part 1 we covered the basics of adding a custom chart layout. Part 2 will build on that to cover more advanced configurations for charts in Sugar. Read More »