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Collabspot Connect Pro: Remove ‘Deal Slippage’ in Sugar

By Simona Croitoru • August 29th, 2017

Sugar users can now utilize Collabspot Connect Pro to spot the signs of deal slippage early on so they can save time and update their pipeline accordingly Read More »

Amazon Alexa and Integrated CTI for SugarCRM

By Guillaume Synhaeve & Simona Croitoru • August 28th, 2017

Extend the power of SugarCRM with Amazon Alexa and 3CLogic CTI and provide customized customer engagements in a simpler way. Read More »

Sugar Showcase: uDocs (Document Automation for Sugar)

By Sarah Friedlander Garcia & Paul Scondac • August 23rd, 2017

In this Sugar Showcase webinar, we highlighted uDocs, our Document Automation solution for Sugar. Read More »

MS Outlook Plug-in for Sugar

By Paul Scondac • August 22nd, 2017

Sugar's Plug-in for Outlook allows you to access information from your CRM instance, create new records and sync information directly from Outlook. Read More »

The Future of CRM & How a Successful Deployment Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

By James Gurley • August 22nd, 2017

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Sir Arthur C. Clarke“CRM is the only... Read More »

Using CRM to Improve Customer Onboarding

By Christopher Teague • August 16th, 2017

While some businesses may lack an onboarding program, many more are using technology solutions like CRM to help them both implement and monitor the initiatives. Read More »

SugarCRM Hint – Save Time, Be Prepared

By Andrew Staples • August 8th, 2017

Sales professionals spend an average of 30-45 preparing for a meeting with a new prospect. SugarCRM Hint aims to significantly reduce their research time. Read More »

6 Sessions to Get Excited for at SugarCon 2017

By Jenna Click • August 7th, 2017

If you’re a savvy business-relationship superstar, you’re probably already signed up and ready to SugarCon 2017 in San Francisco this September! Read More »

How to Drive Sales Effectiveness with Automation

By George Brontén • August 4th, 2017

In an ideal scenario, sales and marketing would work in tandem. Here’s what that looks like, and how to achieve it. Read More »

Marketing Reboot: Graduate From Email

By Sarah Friedlander Garcia & Paul Scondac • August 3rd, 2017

On July 26th, our webinar demonstrated why your organization should take the next step from email and move to a marketing automation solution. Read More »

Act-On Marketing Automation - New Forms Composer

By Paul Scondac • August 2nd, 2017

Act-On released a completely overhauled Forms Composer, bringing it up-to-speed with their block-based Landing Page and Email Composers. Read More »