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The (R)Evolution of Mobile CRM

By James Gurley • January 30th, 2018

CRM developers have allocated more resources for the development of mobile platforms so that they are expressly designed for mobile use. Read More »

SugarCRM’s Winter ‘18 Release Has Arrived

By Richard Green • January 29th, 2018

The latest Sugar On-Demand release, Winter ‘18, is now generally available and comes with a breadth of new features and capabilities. Read More »

SugarCRM 7.11 Release Introduces New Look & Feel

By Katie Liesmann • January 28th, 2018

SugarCRM has always focused on providing users with a modern and user-friendly design. Read More »

Introducing the Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

By Adi Vinnakota • January 25th, 2018

SugarCRM has announced the Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, allowing users to access the Linkedin platform from within Sugar. Read More »

Applying Filters to Sugar Activity Dashlets

By Paul Scondac • January 23rd, 2018

When setting up Activity dashlets in Sugar, learn how to apply filters in this tutorial. Read More »

Marketing Reboot: 5 Must Haves for Creating an Effective Email Campaign

By Paul Scondac • January 18th, 2018

In this webinar, we highlighted how you improve your email marketing campaigns. Read More »

4 Areas Your CRM Platform Needs to Excel In

By Jenna Click • January 16th, 2018

Learn the four critical areas your CRM platform needs to excel in, so that your business gets the best value out of it. Read More »

A CRM Evaluation Checklist: What Should You Look For?

By Jenna Click • January 10th, 2018

With this CRM Evaluation Checklist you will discover exactly which CRM solution on the market is right for your business. Read More »