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    Configuring Offline Sync in SugarCRM Mobile

    By Sarah Friedlander Garcia • August 11th, 2014
    Audiences: Administrators, End Users

    In SugarCRM Mobile 2.0 for iPhone and Android, SugarCRM introduced mobile offline caching and buffering. This is a powerful new capability allowing users to function while in areas with no internet coverage. 

    The mobile caching feature will automatically cache the 100 most recently accessed assigned, favorited or followed records for each module and make them available offline. The new buffering feature enables users to create new records such as Leads and Contacts while offline and have these records upload automatically when later connected to the internet.

    This new capability is only available to users running SugarCRM 7.X and not available for users on Sugar 6.X.

    Enabling Functionality

    Two steps have to be taken to enable this functionality:

    1.  The SugarCRM system administrator must enable offline access in the Mobile Administration panel.


    2.  Each user needs to configure their mobile application setting to utilize the offline caching mode and perform an initial download of records.

    Detailed instructions are available from the online SugarCRM documentation site.

    Online/Offline Indicator

    When offline features are enabled there will be an indicator in SugarCRM Mobile that tells the user if they are in offline or online mode as seen below.

    Use Cases

    This functionality has a vareity of specific use cases including:

    1.  Tradeshow Lead Entry 
    A user is working at a tradeshow or event with spotty internet access. New leads and contacts can be entered / buffered in offline mode and updated to online SugarCRM when the user is able to re-connect to the internet.

    2.  Airplane Travel
    A user adds meetings notes on a tablet or phone while in the air without internet access. Notes are synced back to SugarCRM on landing and when access to internet resumes.

    3.  Your Use Case
    Have a specific use case on how you use offline sync in SugarCRM Mobile? Let us know in the comments below.



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