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    Sugar User Group: Sugar Report Design & Sales Pipeline Management

    By Sarah Friedlander Garcia • January 23rd, 2015
    Audiences: Administrators, End Users

    On January 20th, we had our SugarCRM User Group Meeting focused on Sugar Report Design & Sales Pipeline Management. On March 17th we will host the next User Group Meeting covering Sugar Sales Automation Ideas. 

    A huge thanks to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording from the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers. 

    Still have more questions about Sugar Report (or just SugarCRM in general)? Feel free to post a question in the comments section and we’ll be happy to answer!



    • Last User Group Recorded Video Link
    • SugarCRM News Roundup
    • Upcoming SugarCRM Training
    • SugarCRM Pipeline Report Training
    • SugarCRM Questions and Answers
    • Next Meeting Training Topic Survey


    Last Meeting

    Our SugarCRM User Group Meeting in November 2014 we covered SugarCRM Workflows.


    New Roundup

    • SugarCON 2015 Registration is live at
    • SugarCRM 7.501 was released for both on demand and on-premise customers on December 15th
    • SugarCRM 6.7.9 was released on December 16th for on-demand customers still on 6.7.X
    • SugarCRM 6.5 20 was released on December 16th for on-premise customers still on 6.5.x
    • SugarCRM Mobile 2.4 was released on January 15th
    • UpCurve Cloud marketing automation webinar December 17th: Lead Nurturing and Scoring with Act-On: Recording on blog
    • UpCurve Cloud Sugar Tips  series on our blog


    SugarCRM Resources


    Upcoming Training on Sugar University


    SugarCRM Pipeline Reporting

    • Getting Started with Pipeline Reporting
      • For a time period such as last week, last month, last quarter, sales organizations report on:
      • Each of these are subdivided by product, sales team, territory, geography, etc.
    • Pipeline Entries Report, Key Selection Criteria: Opportunity Created On Date
    • Pipeline Open Funnel, Key Selection Criteria: Sales Stage not in Closed Won or Closed Lost
    • Pipeline Exists (Win/Loss), Key Selection Criteria: Sales Stage one of Closed Won or Closed Lost


    SugarCRM Open Questions & Answers

    1. Where can we find the drill down plug-in?
      Standard Sugar does not have this drill down capability, it just has the visual depiction of the chart.  At UpCurve Cloud we created a custom module for Sugar where we do drill-down.  It is available on our blog, Dashboard Drilldown Enhancement for SugarCRM 7.
    2. Can you quickly go over how to add the dashboard again?
      If you go to the Sugar Cube in the top-right and click “Create Dashboard” then you can name it and give it whatever name you would like.  From there you can add rows and then choose which dashlets you would like to add.



    Our next meeting will highlight: Sugar Sales Automation Ideas

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