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    Sugar User Group: uCalendar, Advanced Calendar Configuration

    By Sarah Friedlander Garcia • May 31st, 2017
    Audiences: Administrators, Developers, End Users

    On May 23rd, we had our Sugar User Group Meeting, where we demonstrated the functions of uCalendar, our Advanced Calendar Configuration for Sugar.

    Thank you to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording of the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers.

    Still have more questions about Sugar or uCalendar? Feel free to post a question in the comments section, and we’ll be happy to answer!


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    Sugar User Group Q&A

    1. Q: What version of Sugar does uCalendar work with?
      A: uCalendar currently has support for Sugar 7 up until 7.8. Since 7.9 was just released, it should take a few weeks to get everything up to speed. As of now, uCalendar supports the most recent release of Sugar 7.8.2.

    2. Q: What is the pricing of uCalendar?
      A: uCalendar is priced at $80/user per year, with a minimum of ten users. We also have offer free add-ons from our uTilities library, which include smaller utilities and functionalities for Sugar.

    3. Q: What is the support period of uCalendar?
      A: Since it’s a subscription ($80/user per year with a minimum of 10 users), we support it during that time, so you’ll benefit from any updates made to uCalendar during your subscription.

    4. Q: Can multiple users’ calendars be displayed at the same time, in the same window, with each user shown with a different color?
      A: Yes, you would apply the same method for different layers. You would define one layer, filtered for a specific user, and then you'd specify the color code in which the user would be displayed. All of those layers will be combined onto a calendar.

    5. Q: Does uCalendar work with Sugar On-Demand?
      A: Yes, all of our products work both On-Premise and On-Demand. That's a key design criteria for us – the demo shown in this recording is On-Demand.

    6. Q: Does uCalendar work with custom Sugar modules?
      A: Yes, in this demo, we repurposed the standard Sugar modules. We used the Bands module, which is the standard Accounts module, the Bookings module is the Opportunities module, Performances is the Meetings module, but Venues is a custom module. You can define uCalendar to draw from custom modules, just as you can from standard modules.

    7. Q: Does uCalendar work with SugarCRM Mobile?
      A: As of now, uCalendar does not provide any calendar functionality for SugarCRM Mobile. We use Sugar's customization capability to embed these advanced features into Sugar. The Beta version of the SDK for SugarCRM Mobile was recently released which enables us to create these customizations for mobile, which we couldn’t before. Prior, we'd have stock functionality for the mobile client, but not customizable to this extent.

      Going forward, it would be in our roadmap to start thinking about how can we take our products, such as uCalendar, uDocs, and uMaps, to use the new SDK to create custom functionality in SugarCRM Mobile.

    8. Q: Can the Sugar calendar be synchronized with uCalendar? If new calls, meetings or tasks are added in the Sugar calendar, would uCalendar be updated as well?
      A: Yes, it can. To do that, you would need to configure uCalendar to display meetings, and calls, and tasks. Both uCalendar and the Sugar calendar draw information from the same data source.

    9. Q: We just purchased Collabspot, that has calendar integration. What would uCalendar provide that Collabspot does not?
      A: Collabspot will synchronize to the standard Meetings, Calls and Tasks modules in Sugar, whether you display it on the calendar or not. That's the fixed functionality of Collabspot between Gmail and Sugar's calendar - it synchronizes those meetings, and tasks, continuously. So, you might not need uCalendar at all. uCalendar is if you need very specific customizable views of either specific data or multiple layers of data, that's more complex than the standard calendar allows. You could use uCalendar to display meetings, calls, and notes, and treat is as an enhancement of the standard Sugar calendar functionality. At that point, uCalendar would work together with Collabspot to push those meetings to the Gmail calendar.

      However, if you use uCalendar to display custom information, such as a vehicle schedule or a band performance schedule, at that point, you're tracking data that's not synchronized to Gmail, and that's only visible inside of Sugar. Or, if you publish from iCalendar to Gmail's calendar, you can, setup Gmail to subscribe to that, and display events from custom modules with normal meetings, and tasks, etc.

    10. Q: How does uCalendar relate to Riva?
      A: Riva is a tool that synchronizes meetings, tasks, and calls to Outlook. They support Gmail as well, but it works similarly to Collabspot. The purpose of these tools is to make sure the calendar you use, whether it's Outlook, Outlook 365, or Gmail, that they're in full sync with Sugar. Riva and uCalendar would have similar interaction as with Collabspot.

    11. Q: Do all users have to configure uCalendar in their Sugar profiles to synchronize with Google's calendar?
      A: Yes, when you do set up the synchronization, you need to connect each Google calendar to Sugar. Or, you need to activate Collabspot, or Riva for those users, so that your instance of Gmail calendar or Google calendar knows your Sugar credentials, and can perform that synchronization the way you want, for your use case.

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