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    Sugar User Group: uDocs

    By Sarah Friedlander Garcia • January 22nd, 2016
    Audiences: Administrators, Developers, End Users

    On January 20th, we had our Sugar User Group Meeting focused on Sugar Document Automation (uDocs).

    Make sure to mark your calendar for our next User Group meeting on March 15th.

    A huge thanks to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording from the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers. 

    Still have more questions about uDocs or Sugar? Feel free to post a question in the comments section and we’ll be happy to answer!



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    • SugarCRM Company and Sugar News Roundup
    • Upcoming SugarCRM Training
    • Feature Topic: Sugar Document Automation
    • Sugar Q&A Session

    Last Meeting

    MS Outlook Plug-in 2.1.0

    In the middle of December, The MS Outlook Plug-in was updated to version 2.1.0 and a number of new features and enhancements were added including:

    • Ability to archive emails to Sugar via Right-click menu – Users can now archive emails to Sugar via the Archive to Sugar option in the email's Right-click menu.
    • Additional record data displays in Archiving Email window –Additional record information (e.g. title, office phone, etc.) now displays to the right of the matching record's name in the Results panel of the Archiving Email window.
    • Contacts Side Panel – Users are now able to view matching Sugar contact details via the side panel when viewing emails in Outlook.
    • Create new Account option – The Outlook plug-in now allows users to create accounts in Sugar via the Create new Account option in the Select Account window.
    • SugarCRM Plug-in Options – The SugarCRM Plug-in Settings option and About SugarCRM Plug-in option now appear under the ADD-INS tab of Outlook.
    • User interface improvements – The following are some additional changes made to the user interface:
      • Sugar option icons (e.g. Archive to Sugar, Sync to Sugar, etc.), as well as module-specific icons (e.g. Accounts, Contacts, etc.), have been enhanced for better user experience.
      • The Results panel in the Archiving Email window now display checkboxes next to each record for better usability. 

    News Roundup

    SugarCRM Resources

    Upcoming Training on Sugar University

    Sugar Document Automation (uDocs)


    • UpCurve Cloud has created an extension to Sugar that allows you to easily and automatically generate the documents your users need from Sugar.
    • The solution works for customers with Sugar 7.5 or higher on either Sugar On Demand (Cloud) or Sugar On Premise.

    How Does It Work?

    • The document automation module can merge any module related data from Sugar into a predefined Word template.
    • For instance, it can merge contact and account information into a letter or legal document, it can merge an opportunity record into a proposal or a customer service case into a work order document.

    Steps to Create and Use a Template

    • Prepare a Word document with merge fields representing Sugar module fields and relationships
    • Upload the Word document to the standard Sugar Documents module and indicate that it is a template
    • From any Sugar module record, initiate a merge to select a template and create a new document

    Use Cases

    1. Generate a letter template from a contact record
    2. Generate a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) from a contact record
    3. Create a letter quote from an opportunity
    4. Create Statement of Work (SOW) from an opportunity
    5. Create a Contract from an opportunity
    6. Create an Order from an opportunity
    7. Create an Account Visit Planning Report from an account


    • This module is available now to UpCurve Cloud clients using US English language Sugar on either On Demand or On Premise version 7.6 and greater.
    • Expected on Sugar Exchange later this year


    • $80 per user per year
    • Minimum of 10 licenses 
    • Does not have to match the license count

    Sugar User Group Q&A

    1. Q: What versions of Microsoft Word does uDocs support?
      A: uDocs is compatible with all Microsoft Word version that can generate a .docx.
    2. Q: Does uDocs offer compatibility with Google Docs?
      A: uDocs does not work directly with Google Docs. However, you can create and modify templates in Google Docs and download as a Microsoft Word (.docx) file that can be imported into Sugar.
    3. Q: How does uDocs compare to IntelliDocs?
      A: There are many other products available on the SugarExchange that also allow for document generation. uDocs is different in that it does not have any dependencies (for example IntelliDocs requires WebMerge in addition to Sugar to work).

    4. Q: Can you limit a user's ability to edit specific areas of the Word document that is generated?
      A: In order to limit or lock specific areas of a Word document that is generated would depend on how the template is prepared. If you are able to lock certain areas of the template or use macros to enable this behavior, this would work.

    5. Q: Does uDocs work with backward compatibility (BWC) modules? Can it be used to create better Quote forms than from the Quotes module?
      A: In order to use uDocs, you have to merge from a Sugar 7 module but if some of the modules are backward compatabailte then you are able to grab data from them.

    6. Q: Is uDocs compatible with Sugar 7.5?
      A: As of this webinar, we have only tested uDocs with Sugar 7.6+, but will be working to test on 7.5 as well.

    7. Q: Can uDocs add a validation to skip over certain related records?
      A: Yes, validation can be added to skip over certain related records. For example, if you are merging in Contacts or Opportunities and only want to see Open Cases or Opportunities you have the ability to filter them so that you only see a particular item.

    8. Q: Can uDocs output to PDF instead of Microsoft Word?
      A: Right now exporting to a PDF is a custom option that will soon come as standard in 1-2 months. If you would like this added right away, please let us know and we make sure you have this integration.

    9. Q: Has uDocs been tested with the Mac version of Microsoft Office?
      A: Yes, uDocs has been tested with the Mac version of Microsoft Office and it is compatible.

    10. Q: Are there configuration options for revision history with uDocs?
      A: Right now there is not, however in a few weeks we will releasing an update that instead of downloading the document directly to your desktop it will be inserted directly as a related document in the current module and will support revisioning. For example, if the document has already been merged once and then is merged a second time, it will merge it into the same document but as a new revision.

    11. Q: Can the document contain information from records related farther away than a single level? (For example Contacts → Accounts → Opportunity → Notes).
      A: Yes, uDocs can go multiple levels out, crawling the entire Sugar system.

    12. Q: Can non-UpCurve Cloud customers have access to a demo?
      A: Right now we are only releasing uDocs to UpCurve Cloud customers. If you have any special requests, you can get in touch with us, and we can figure out a way to get you access.

    13. Q: Does uDocs depend on the Microsoft Office Sugar plug-ins?
      A: No it does not.

    14. Q: Is there a referral program for other Sugar partners?
      A: Yes, we intend to make this available through other Sugar partners with a referral program setup so that partners can be compensated.

    Our next meeting topic will be sent out at the beginning of March in our newsletter along with a separate invite.

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