Sugar’s New Customer Journey Plugin

by Katie Liesmann on July 12, 2016

Among a string of exciting product announcements at SugarCon 2016 was the demo of the Customer Journey Plugin for Sugar. We saw a preview of the idea at SugarCon 2015, and watched the final reveal at this year’s event. Here’s all you need to know about customer journeys and the new plugin:

What is a customer journey?

A customer journey map is a visual diagram of the way your customers engage with you throughout the buying cycle. From the time they learn your company’s name or find you on Google, all the way to the time they purchase their first product/service from you, and even beyond that. The more touch points you normally have with a customer, the more complex your customer journey will be. Customer journey mapping is currently a popular activity to put your organization in the shoes of your customers, with a goal of improving the customer experience. Here are some examples:

This customer journey maps out the experience of a traveller on the San Francisco Muni (public transportation) in a very simple, graphical way.

This is a more complex customer journey map that specifies who the customer is, what their personality traits are, and what they experience at each stage of their journey as they purchase internet service.

How does the Customer Journey Plugin for Sugar work? 

The Customer Journey Plugin for Sugar takes the very popular process of customer journey mapping and builds it into the powerful Sugar platform. It allows you to map your business processes to a customer journey, track where your customers are along the journey, and automate tasks as they move through the journey. There are two main components of the plugin--the Customer Decision Indicator Chart and the Customer Decision Workflow Panel. The Customer Decision Indicator Chart shows where each customer is in the customer journey. At a glance, a rep or manager can look at a record and know where they are in the engagement process. In the Decision Indicator Chart below, the customer is 15% through the entire process and has completed the first three steps.

Customer Decision Indicator Chart

The second important feature is the Customer Decision Workflow Panel, which shows sales reps all tasks that need to be completed in order for the customer to move to the next stage of the journey. This acts as a checklist underneath each phase.

Customer Decision Workflow Panel

This plugin was created by Addoptify, a third party company with expertise in Sugar add-ons. In a recent press release, their CEO, Kristian Af Sanderberg, commented on the release of the Customer Journey Plugin: “We are proud to have become the key to make Sugar a powerful solution to operationalizing the Customer Journey Map. This underlines that the Add+ plugin is addressing an important demand in a marked where streamlined processes, enhanced sales performance and stronger customer engagements across all departments are top of the agenda. This manifests our ambitions to continue delivering value-added solutions and with this partnership, we are able to offer the solution to a global audience. We look forward to the corporation with SugarCRM where customer experience will be top of mind.” 

The Customer Journey Plugin will be available to all Sugar users on August 1, 2016. Has your company created a customer journey map? Do you feel this plugin would be useful for your organization? We welcome your feedback. Comment below or reach out to us here for more information.  

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