Suggested Edits & Tracking Changes In Google Docs

by Koosha Araghi on July 25, 2014

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Last month we posted that Google Drive now has Microsoft Office editing capabilities baked right in. The addition of native Office editing allows Drive to be your main hub for when you need to get work done at your desk or away from the office. Alongside that update, Google also included the addition of suggested edits and further integration with Microsoft Word's tracked changes.  

Suggest Edits in Docs

Docs prides itself in the ability for users to collaborate and work together, seamlessly and with minimal interruption. In previous scenarios, having users collaborate meant emailing versions of the same file back and forth leading to confusion and restrictions. In addition to real time collaboration, Docs now also lets users control specific changes to their documents via suggested edits. Instead of reverting back to different versions, the team can now simply accept or reject modifications with a single click. The feature is presently available for web users with commenting access enabled on a document and will be added to mobile versions of Docs soon as well.  

Suggest Edits in Docs

Tracking Changes

The addition of native office editing means you're no longer required to convert files in order to work on them. Users that want to take advantage of some of the more powerful features of Google Docs can rest easy when converting Microsoft Word files over to Docs. The latest update will also include any tracked changes within the Word file. Once the file has been converted, these changes can also be used and will be automatically integrated with the suggest edits feature mentioned above.

Tracking Changes  


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