Supercharge Scheduling with a Master Google Calendar and Calendly

by Denise Hazime on October 8, 2015

Supercharge Scheduling with a Master Google Calendar and Calendly Banner

If you are a member of a team, chances are good that you have multiple calendars that you need to view in one place. If you have multiple Google Accounts, even if it is just a personal and a work calendar, it’s not convenient to keep logging into separate accounts to check when your appointments are. There is a way – create a master calendar on your main Google account that shows all of your appointments across all of your Google Accounts.  

Step 1: Choose Your Master Google Account

This should be the account that you are logged into most often, both on mobile and your computer. You’ll need to log in to your other Google accounts and repeat the below steps for each calendar you want to display on your new master calendar.  

Step 2: Share YourCalendars From Other Google Accounts

Log into the Google Account that you want to share a calendar from and navigate to your calendar. Hit the down arrow beside “My Calendars” on the left sidebar.

Log into the Google Account that you want to share a calendar from

Click “Settings”. This will bring you to this page:

Click “Settings”. This will bring you to this page:

On this page, your name will be listed on the main calendar. Click on your name to add something that identifies which calendar it is. For example, if you have accounts for separate companies, add the company name beside your name. This way you will be able to easily identify each calendar on your master calendar.   Once you’ve changed the name, click “Share this Calendar” at the top. You’ll be brought to this screen:

Click “Share this Calendar” at the top.

The most secure option to use is “Share with specific people”. Enter the Gmail address of the account you’ve selected as your master account in this box, change the Permission Settings to “Make Changes and Manage Sharing” and hit “Add Person”. Be sure to hit “Save” at the bottom to make sure your changes are saved. You want to do this because you want to be able to make changes to events from your master calendar rather than logging into another Google account each time.

Repeat this step for each Google Account’s calendar that you want to display on your master calendar.  

Step 3: Return to Your Master Calendar

Log into the account where you want your master calendar to display. All of your new calendars should be displaying under “My Calendars” on the right hand sidebar, and all of the events will show up now on your master calendar. If you wish to stop displaying a calendar, uncheck it in the “My Calendars” sidebar.  

Make Scheduling a Breeze with Calendly

Calendly lets your clients, co-workers, and anyone else book time with you quickly and easily. It shows times you are free, times you have blocked off, and when you are available for specific meeting times. Simply send them the link to your Calendly calendar and they can automatically book a meeting.

Make Scheduling a Breeze with Calendly

You’ll be emailed the meeting request and it will automatically be booked in your Google Calendar when it is booked.

Once you’ve set up your master Google calendar, make an account with your master calendar Google account at Go to “Calendar Connection” under the drop down menu at the top right to select all of your calendars – only your calendar from your master account will be initially displayed, and all of the calendars that you’ve added from other accounts need to be selected in order for time from those calendars to be blocked off in Calendly.

The only challenge with Calendly is that it shows all time, not just a standard workday. If you want to block off times in the evening or early morning, create a block of personal time as an ongoing event in your master Google Calendar.

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