Telecom Campaign Manager

by Amanda Anderson on May 16, 2012

During SugarCon 2012, BACO Realty, UpCurve Cloud, and Twilio participated in a panel discussion about an innovative app UpCurve Cloud built to better manage advertising campaigns in SugarCRM. The benefit of online advertising has always been its ability to measure effectiveness through click-through rates and impressions. With traditional advertising, it’s difficult to measure the impact it has on sales.... except for now. UpCurve Cloud has developed a Telecom Campaign Manager for SugarCRM which tracks campaigns via a unique phone number, records, and stores inbound calls, and reports the effectiveness of each advertising campaign.

The Telecom Campaign Manager is built using an integration to Twilio, a cloud communications platform used for voice, conference and SMS applications. UpCurve Cloud has completed several integrations between SugarCRM and Twilio such as Click-to-Call, SMS text message alerts, screen pops, conference bridging, and more. UpCurve Cloud initially built the Telecom Campaign Manager for customer BACO Realty, a self-storage company with facilities nationwide. BACO’s main source for leads is its advertising campaigns including traditional media such as billboards, newspapers, magazines, and radio. They also do online advertising on websites like Facebook and Craigslist.

Telecom Campaign Manager

After deploying the Telecom Campaign Manager, BACO Realty can now track all of its advertising campaigns inside its SugarCRM system.

Unique Phone Number Creation: For each campaign created in SugarCRM, BACO generates a unique phone number for that ad group. This is done by choosing the desired area code or zip code and then selecting from a list of available local numbers to buy. The unique phone number is generated using Twilio and enables the phone number to be tracked and recorded. After this, BACO chooses the local storage facility it wishes to bridge the new phone number to. By using phone numbers and having the flexibility to bridge them, BACO can place ads in local markets and have callers or prospects automatically routed to the correct storage facility in their area.


Call Logging: When a call comes in from the phone number generated by your Sugar campaign, the call is automatically logged in SugarCRM. Additionally, the phone number, caller name, ad campaign, and lead source are automatically stored in the new lead record. The status of the logged call is also automatically updated to reflect a missed, in progress, or completed phone call.

Call Recording and Storage: Each inbound call, that comes into Sugar from the unique phone number, is recorded. A recording of the call is instantly stored inside of Sugar and can be played back for quality assurance or training purposes for new phone operators. Up to 10,000 minutes per month of recording, storage is included with each license of the Telecom Campaign Manager.


Call Script: When an operator answers an inbound call from one of the telecom campaigns, the call, and lead record are automatically created. In addition to this, UpCurve Cloud designed a call script which is automatically generated for the operator. This was built custom for BACO and made to work seamlessly with the Telecom Campaign Manager by auto-populating known information such as ad campaign, caller ID, and area code and phone number. The operator can then walk through the call script and qualify the lead and simultaneously update that lead record.


In the case of BACO Realty, the operator asks questions such as storage unit size needed, moving date, items needed to be stored, etc. The script includes drop-down fields and check boxes to enable the operator to complete the form while on the phone. Once the call is complete, this information can be used to fulfill quotas for rental requests.

Reports and Metrics: Because each ad group has a unique phone number generated through the Twilio integration, the Telecom Campaign Manager can accurately track the effectiveness of each campaign. Users can determine which ad source brings in the most leads, the most qualified leads, and the largest won opportunities. Additionally, companies can determine which local store is more successful with advertising and can drill-down on which medium works better in certain markets.

The Telecom Campaign Manager works well for tracking advertising campaigns as well as any promotion that involves a phone number. The product eliminates the need for operators to ask “how did you hear about us.” It saves time by automatically creating call and lead records and prefilling known information. Most importantly, it enables managers to run reports on the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns and stores a complete recording of the call to ensure excellent customer service is provided.

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