Terminate Inefficiency With Google Machine Learning

by Denise Hazime on May 2, 2017

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer the stuff of science fiction. Google and other tech giants are now using a basic form of AI - called machine learning - to make your work life faster, more efficient, and more productive. Google has been using its Google Cloud Machine Learning platform to make all of its products, including G Suite, more efficient for business.  

Google Cloud Machine Learning 101

If you are a member of the general population and not involved heavily in the tech world beyond buying the latest gadget, the term “Google Cloud Machine Learning” probably makes your eyes glaze over. But it is a revolutionary advance in computing that can help your business in various ways. Google itself lays out some of them in this blog post, including:  

  • Translation of long-form documents
  • Finding stored documents on mobile 50% faster
  • Smart scheduling that saves time with Google Calendar
  • Suggested content while creating Google Docs related to the document's topic

Essentially, machine learning is a basic form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that uses predictive analytics to make tasks more efficient and even automate some tasks. What this means for your business is higher productivity, more efficiency and a continually improving product if you’ve bought into the G Suite ecosystem.  

How G Suite Apps (Including Gmail) Are Using Machine Learning

The whole point of machine learning is that the “machine” - in this case, G Suite - learns what your everyday actions are and can suggest and predict actions for you based on the things you do every day. In Google Drive, this means that the files you use most often will show up first when you open it. It can help you clean up data with this add-on to Google Sheets. Google Calendar will automatically analyze everyone’s schedule in your meeting attendance list and come up with the best time for you all to get together. Google’s push for better machine learning in G Suite means that small changes like these are being made every day which make your business life easier.  

Prodoscore Leverages Machine Learning for Deeper Insights

See what tasks are being done related to specific topics (e.g. campaign names) in your business with Prodoscore's Correlations.

See what tasks are being done related to specific topics (e.g. campaign names) in your business with Prodoscore's Correlations.

Drill down to see what tasks are related to specific topics in Prodoscore with the Correlations dashboard.

Prodoscore is a tool to monitor the productivity of your remote and/or sales teams using the power of Google machine learning. It lets you know how much time and which tasks employees are spending in G Suite apps including email, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

Prodoscore’s latest feature, Correlations, takes these insights a step further. You can now see how much time your team is spending with certain customers, which allows management to flag if certain customers are taking up too much time - especially if they’ve only paid for a certain amount of service and are getting more. You can see who those customers are, how much time each team member is spending with them, and which tasks are related to the customer. This can also be used as an audit tool if a customer wants more transparency into what you are doing for them.

In addition, Correlations will tell you which topics are trending within your organization. If, for example, you run a bakery and are running a “Purple Cupcake” campaign, you will want to make sure that your sales team is using the “Purple Cupcake” terminology often. The trending topics section will show you how often it is being used, if at all. You can use this information to ensure that the topics you want your organization to communicate about are being communicated effectively.

See who is sending emails about what topics, and what other tasks they are creating around those topics in G Suite apps.

See who is sending emails about what topics, and what other tasks they are creating around those topics in G Suite apps.

Best of all, Prodoscore does this non-invasively without screenshots or other, parent-like monitoring which highly valuable salespeople and team members despise. You can make sure everything's running smoothly in your organization without micromanagement.  

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