The convergence between cloud and channel has never been more apparent than it was last week at Channel Partners Evolution in Philadelphia. The rooms holding IoT and Analytics sessions were full, and in the halls, the UCaaS vendors held the most significant presence.

As the Director of Channel Sales and Programs at UpCurve Cloud, I am thrilled to see the alignment between the partner community and cloud because it heralds in an era when customer experience is at the heart of decision-making. The purpose of technology is to create the best possible outcomes, and because of their dedication to their customers, partners are the perfect people to guide businesses to new levels of excellence.

Innovation is accelerating. The account executives at suppliers themselves have difficulty keeping up with new features released in the fight against their competition and commoditization. That is why we're working beside partners, making sense of the information onslaught, to interpret how new functionalities can be applied to solve challenges. We keep up with the rapid pace of technology so our partners can slow down and spend time with their customers.

Technology ecosystems and interconnected platforms are my personal and professional passion. So are people. If you want to talk more about cloud solutions in your portfolio and how they can all work together, I'd love to hear from you.  Email me at [email protected].

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