The New Google Apps Admin Console and Control Panel

by Denise Hazime on June 10, 2013

Google announced major updates to the Google Admin Console in April and the changes are finally rolling out. If you haven’t had a chance to see the cleaner look on the new admin console or are new to Google Apps, you will find some of the key features below.

For reference, admins can access the control panel by click on the gear icon within gmail and selecting manage this domain or by logging in directly at

Once logged in, the first page you will see is the following:



You can now add controls such as Admin Roles, Security, Billing, Mobile Devices, Reports, etc. to your dashboard by clicking on More Controls at the bottom of the page then dragging and dropping the controls into the dashboard. This allows you to customize the look of your dashboard and ensure your go to controls are at the forefront. If you were on Google Apps prior to the updated admin, you will notice certain controls have remained the same such as Users, Groups, Other Google Services and Support. For a full list of the controls that are available to you and the features and settings within each of them take a look at Google’s Dashboard Controls Doc.

You’ll notice that the Users control has icons that allow you to add new users, download your user list and filter by different criteria (Active Users, Suspended Users and Recently Deleted Users and your sub-organizations):

You can add sub-organizations and specify which services they have access to by clicking on the drop-down menu button next to the main organization’s name:

Google has made a lot of changes that make their console more intuitive to the admin’s needs. For a full list of features and settings that have changed you can review Google’s Feature Map (new vs. classic Admin console) article.

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