The Text Message Lottery Game in SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on October 27, 2011

Trade Show Lottery Game Uses SMS Text Message Integration in SugarCRM.

The job of manning the booth may not be for everyone. It's several hours on your feet and trying your best to convince others that your product is better. It's challenging to do something that makes your company memorable in a sea of booths. Instead of money blowing machines, spin wheels, or golf putting games, UpCurve Cloud decided to build a lottery game in SugarCRM.


Conference attendees are asked to enter their cell phone number and first name into a form in SugarCRM in order to win a gift card.


Once they hit submit, they instantly receive a text message thanking them for entering the lottery drawing. The SMS text message integration is powered by Twilio, a loud voice and SMS communications platform. Every two hours, one number is randomly selected. A text message is automatically sent to that one lucky winner letting them know they won. The text message instructs them to stop by the booth to receive their gift card. LEAD GENERATION The trouble with using most booth games is that it doesn't capture everyone as a lead. To play the lottery game, people must enter their information directly into the CRM system. One benefit is that you are eliminating the tedious task of data entry from business cards. Another is that people are more willing to give their information if they get to see something cool in return.


When a lottery entrant replies back to the text, their message instantly appears in the CRM system. The image below is a dashboard of replies from lottery entrants.


Interacting with someone using their cell phone is a more personal way to communicate than exchanging business cards. UpCurve Cloud has had a lot of fun playing the SMS Lottery Game at all of the conferences we have been at this past year. It has been a great way to engage with people, show off what we do, and capture that data directly in our CRM system. For more information on UpCurve Cloud's SMS Lottery Game in SugarCRM or to see other uses for text message integration in your CRM system, contact us today.

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