Thinking “Outside of The Box” with a Custom Integration

by Katie Liesmann on May 6, 2015

I recently got to sit down with some of our engineers to learn how we developed an integration to solve a customer's problem. Our customer is in the construction industry and their complex project management process dictated that we build a CRM around their business model rather than trying to find a CRM that sort of fit it.

The customer’s business model is complex because each construction opportunity goes through a specific bid and project management cycle. When a new Opportunity is created, multiple contractors will bid on the Opportunity until a winning bid is selected. There are multiple people involved in each Opportunity (e.g. architects, contractors, manufacturers) and many documents are created in the project process.

The issue with Sugar out-of-the-box is that the number of documents our customer needed to store would be an overload on the system. Our customer chose to work with Sugar because of its flexibility and requested that UpCurve Cloud integrate their Box account with Sugar to solve their document storage requirement. Our engineers were able to integrate Sugar with Box in order to create a CRM system that was optimal for their organization.

Box is an online file sharing and cloud content management service for businesses. The integration we created between Box and Sugar allows our customer to automate several processes which I will outline below.

When a user creates a new record in the Opportunities Module, both a Quote and a Box folder are automatically created. The folder’s name will coordinate with the name of the Opportunity. Within the folder, many sub-folders are also created in a folder tree structure so users can easily organize and manage all the documents for the Opportunity (blueprints, AutoCAD files, proposals, change orders, manuals, etc.).

When the Opportunity’s proposal is ready, the user can select the bidders (contractors) they would like to send the proposal to. Those contractors are then automatically sent an email template with a PDF of the proposal where contractors can click on a button that takes them directly to all the relevant documents within Box.


As the project is being bid on, users can drag-and-drop any files such as blueprints directly into the Box window within Sugar. They also have the ability to preview them in full screen and download documents from the Opportunity view.

Once a winning bid is chosen, a Project is automatically created in Sugar. All of the Box files and folders from the Opportunity record are now also viewable from the Project record. It’s easy to see how the Box Integration allowed our customer to take advantage of many of the other sophisticated features in Sugar such as PDF generation, workflow automation, and reporting. Settling for a different, non-customizable CRM would have left our customer either lacking features or paying too much for the needed storage space within the CRM. This Box integration is great for anyone who needs to access several documents within their CRM. Contact us here if you want to learn more.

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Katie Liesmann
Marketing Manager at UpCurve Cloud
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