A recent UK-based study revealed that only a fifth of businesses in the country are currently using collaborative conferencing technology such as VoIP phone systems and video conferencing technology. This was attributed to management believing that their employees don’t understand how to work with new technology, and stubbornness about adopting new technology. The savings and benefits stemming from making the move to collaborative tools have shown that technology like VoIP phones outperforms their traditional counterparts.

Why VoIP Phones are Better than Traditional Phone Systems

VoIP phones and traditional office desk phones function in much the same way – both allow for calls with high audio quality and both are a necessity for the businesses that use them. One of the biggest differences between VoIP and landline systems is that landline technology has been made obsolete by VoIP, meaning that they are no longer being improved upon in the ways that VoIP phone systems are. Providers of VoIP services like Vonage are dedicated to continual improvement of these services, especially in regards to call quality, which is often a breaking point for many business owners and managers on the fence.

With a bevy of useful features not supported by traditional desk phones, VoIP systems can be easily set-up to accommodate all your business needs, with configuration made possible through both desktop computer and mobile apps. With the option to take calls through mobile phones, use your phone from your desktop, and have your calls transcribed, VoIP services offer mobility, flexibility, and accessibility that landlines cannot. The call quality for VoIP phone calls can rival and at times beat that of a traditional handset, especially if your internet connection is reliable and your system has been set-up properly.

Cost and Time Savings Speak for Themselves

Not only do VoIP phone services offer more useful business features than landlines, but they also present a variety of cost and time-saving opportunities for your business. Small businesses that make the switch to VoIP have reduced their local phone-related costs by up to 40 percent, and 90 percent on international calls. In addition to this, monthly costs for landlines generally fall around $50/line, but many VoIP plans are available for under $25/user.

The productivity-boosting features offered by VoIP systems also present a host of cost-saving opportunities, allowing your team to perform at their best by using their mobile phones and computers to make calls, and being able to integrate their phones with workplace solutions. Using VoIP phone systems will provide your employees the opportunity to work remotely without any drop in productivity, allowing them more flexibility and autonomy in their position which can in hand increase satisfaction and workplace performance.

Integration Allows for Increased Flexibility

The most unique feature offered by VoIP phone systems is the degree of freedom made possible through a wide number of integrations with software and email you use every day. Your team will be able to fully integrate their VoIP systems with their workplace Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, allowing them to receive and make calls directly through their CRM software, log their calls for later analysis, have their calls transcribed through text or email for greater accessibility, and allow for detailed reporting and logging of calls that will benefits both sales and management.

Combining your Vonage VoIP phone and CRM solution with G Suite provides an even greater amount of integration and flexibility, allowing employees to label and make call notes through Gmail, integrate their Google Contacts, and receive notifications on the go, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. These integrations require no additional software or tech expertise, allowing for easy learning no matter how experienced your team is.

The many benefits of VoIP technology speak for themselves through the results they’ve consistently delivered to businesses of all sizes. Avoid the mistake that three-quarters of businesses are currently making – don’t let stubbornness or complacency hold you and your business back from experiencing the superior call quality, cost and time savings, and integration opportunities offered by making the switch to VoIP phone services.

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