Top 5 Reasons to Buy Google Apps for Work From a Reseller

by Denise Hazime on February 26, 2015

Sure, your business could just purchase Google Apps for Work directly from Google. But it costs the exact same amount for Google Apps for Work from a reseller like UpCurve Cloud with free extra support and optional services1 that you won’t get if you go directly to Google. Let’s have a look at the top five reasons to go with a reseller.

1. Free Functionality Support & Case Escalation

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If you purchase directly from Google, you get 24-hour system critical support. The important thing to point out here is that this support only kicks in if one of your services isn’t working – it isn’t meant to be ongoing support for questions or integration issues.

Free Functionality Support & Case Escalation

If you choose UpCurve Cloud as your reseller, you’ll get complete support for the functionality of your apps at no extra charge. In the event that any of your Google Apps need mission critical support, you’ll also get free priority case escalation – which could mean the difference between your problems being solved in an hour or by the end of the day. Google’s support is fast, but much faster with priority case escalation – free if you’re with us. Our support staff are all based in North America.

2. Seamless Migration

While Google offers excellent training materials to guide you through the migration process, you are much better off in the hands of an experienced reseller for any Google Apps for Work deployment. Even if you have a dedicated IT department, they don’t have the experience that comes from setting up over 5,000 companies on Google Apps that UpCurve Cloud does. Hiring a reseller ensures that your migration runs smoothly and doesn’t cost your business any downtime or missed opportunities from lost emails and files. Our deployment specialists are Google Certified and constantly keep their skills up to date.

3. Application Integration

UpCurve Cloud specialists will ensure that Google Apps for Work functions seamlessly with all the applications your employees are used to, including Microsoft Office, Salesforce, and any other software or services that your business uses on a daily basis. Plus, UpCurve Cloud offers products such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Zoho that integrate with Google Apps for Work.

4. Dedicated Project Manager

Dedicated Project Manager

A UpCurve Cloud project manager will act as your single point of contact for every need your business has. This means that you only need to make one phone call to one person to make any changes rather than a number of calls to support.

5. Design Your Own Training

UpCurve Cloud will work with you to provide hands-on training, webinars, guides and anything else you need to get your staff up and running with Google Apps. Your UpCurve Cloud project manager will work with you to design the best training program for your company, rather than leaving you to your own devices.

To find out more about purchasing Google Apps for Work from UpCurve Cloud, contact us today.

1 All services that aren’t specifically identified as free in this post may carry an extra cost over and above your Google Apps for Work suite. Contact us for more information on pricing.

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