Businesses of all sizes can benefit from modern cloud-based solutions that can greatly improve team productivity, promote collaboration and communication between employees, create a more positive experience for customers, and help your organization turn leads into clients. One of the best ways to achieve these results is by integrating Salesforce, a modern cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution with G Suite, unlocking a variety of exclusive features that will help your team members work smarter and more efficiently.

Your CRM and productivity suite working together as one

The workplace solutions being used by your team are a major factor in how productive they can be during a day - without easy-to-navigate solutions that work with them rather than against them, they will constantly be plagued with productivity roadblocks that are difficult to overcome. It’s important that your team be equipped with the tools they need to get the job done effectively and efficiently - this includes CRM solutions, productivity suites, and business intelligence tools that work better together.

A CRM solution such as Salesforce is a vital tool for your sales team, storing valuable customer information that can help them sell more effectively, and improve their relationships with clients by more accurately meet their needs. Through Salesforce CRM, your team can instantly access their entire email and call history with each and every client stored in the solution, helping them recall past client preferences and purchases, and better recognize patterns. Salesforce can be further enhanced by integrating it with G Suite, Google’s versatile cloud-based productivity suite.

G Suite is a truly modern cloud-based productivity suite that is more versatile in its uses and performs more efficiently than the outdated legacy software that so many workplaces have held onto for too long. G Suite allows your team members to collaborate in text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more in real time, encouraging them to work together and communicate with each other. In addition to this, users can easily store their customer and company data securely in Drive, communicate with customers and leads through Gmail, and host video and audio conferences in Hangouts. G Suite is made even more useful when integrated with Salesforce CRM, getting you the most out of your cloud-based solutions.

Using integration to create a smarter cloud-based workplace

Integration is the best way to get the most out of your workplace CRM and productivity suites, and both Salesforce CRM and G Suite have been created with seamless integration in mind. Integrating Salesforce CRM with G Suite allows for easy connection of contacts and records within Gmail and Google Calendar, and being able to access files stored in Drive right from your CRM solution. Useful features like Salesforce Lightning in Gmail are also unlocked through integration, giving your team members insight into CRM data without having to leave their inbox, and vice versa. Salesforce Lightning can also be applied to Google Sheets, allowing for automatic populating of data from Salesforce Reports and Records directly to your Sheets spreadsheets. Users of both G Suite and Salesforce can integrate their workplace solutions with VoIP phone systems through Vonage Business and RingCentral, allowing your team to launch calls from their CRM and inbox and have important customer information right at their fingertips.

Integrating these two cloud-based solutions also gives users access to Salesforce for Hangouts Meet, which gives your team instant access to relevant customer information during audio and video calls and conferences. Integration between Salesforce’s Quip and G Suite lets users access their Calendar and files within Drive directly from Quip, increasing productivity through convenience and ease-of-use. Combining the power of these modern workplace platforms can also unite Google Analytics 360 with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, giving users access to valuable detailed sales and marketing data.

Get a clearer picture of workplace productivity using Prodoscore

Employers looking to gain insight into how productive their team members are can take advantage of Prodoscore, a unique business intelligence tool that integrates with workplace solutions like G Suite and Salesforce CRM. Prodoscore unobtrusively monitors the productivity of employees working within these common workplace solutions, assigning each one with an individual “productivity score” that helps employers identify and address productively problems within their team, reward exceptional performance, and pivot or change course when something just isn’t working.

Now is the ideal time for workplaces of all shapes and sizes to begin exploring the many possibilities that come from integrating G Suite and Salesforce CRM. For those interested in exploring these exciting possibilities, existing Salesforce customers who are new to G Suite can currently access it for free for up to one full year.

To find out how UpCurve Cloud can transform your business by implementing and integrating intelligent cloud-based solutions like Salesforce, G Suite, and Prodoscore, contact us today.