UpCurve Cloud Accelerates Its SugarCRM Hosting Platform

by Amanda Anderson on April 8, 2013

UpCurve Cloud has update it’s hosting offerings since the original publication date of this blog post. To learn more about our cloud hosting, click here

Today at SugarCon, UpCurve Cloud announced the release of its new SugarCRM hosting platform and partnership with Easy Solutions, the Total Fraud Protection® company.

UpCurve Cloud has been hosting SugarCRM systems for more than seven years and has continued to accelerate our hosting platform to provide Sugar users a better CRM experience that is reliable, more secure, and faster with each platform release.

“For our Generation IV release, we’ve greatly enhanced the performance of our hosting environment, and have increased our security measures with all of our hosting packages,” said Eric Wikman of UpCurve Cloud.

UpCurve Cloud utilizes state-of-the-art, enterprise-grade servers housed in data centers located all over the world. The new platform uses VMware high availability servers, which eliminates any server downtime. Each customer’s database is stored on SSD drives and includes daily and weekly snapshots of the data, as well as offsite backups.

UpCurve Cloud's performance tests revealed our hosting platform to be two to three times faster than Sugar OnDemand. By improving SugarCRM hosting performance and speed, companies can significantly increase productivity and save money over time by becoming more efficient.

In addition to performance and reliability, UpCurve Cloud placed security as a top priority when architecting its hosting environment. UpCurve Cloud provides HIPAA and PCI compliant options for companies needing to meet industry standards when housing customer information in their SugarCRM systems. For its HIPAA and PCI compliant packages, UpCurve Cloud provides encrypted offsite backups, and its PCI compliant hosting has an ongoing vulnerability scan by TrustWave.

UpCurve Cloud's has partnered with Easy Solutions to provide an added layer of security for its hosted customers. Easy Solutions’ DetectID® Cloud for SugarCRM is a strong multi-factor authentication solution that protects clients’ sensitive data in the cloud. DetectID® Cloud strengthens the way users are authenticated into SugarCRM, to prevent theft of sensitive customer information or unauthorized use of the application.


  • Strong multi-factor authentication specifically designed for SugarCRM
  • Eliminates risk associated with end-user password reuse
  • Multiple authentication factors to flexibly meet your security needs
  • Compatible with any computer and operating system
  • No extra hardware or infrastructure
  • Smooth integration with your business and security environment

“Your CRM system holds crucial customer data – the lifeblood of many companies,” said Daniel Ingevaldson, CTO of Easy Solutions. “Adding multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access and use is critical to keeping this data secure and out of the wrong hands. We are pleased that Upcurve Cloud, a leading provider of hosted SugarCRM, has selected DetectID Cloud to offer this additional layer of security and assurance to its customers.”

Easy Solutions’ DetectID Cloud is offered as an add-on with UpCurve Cloud's standard SugarCRM hosting and is included in its HIPAA and PCI compliant packages.

Additional features of the new hosting platform include UpCurve Cloud's strong, four method backup policies, quick response and application of any security patches, physical firewall protection, and complete server and application management of any size system.

UpCurve Cloud has dedicated hardware at its data centers, which provides more control and its hosting platform uses virtual private server (VPS) web hosting. Utilizing VPS provides an additional layer of protection by housing each customer’s data in its own private environment.

By accelerating its hosting, UpCurve Cloud is able to provide customers with the highest possible application performance, security, and flexibility, while allowing them to scale and grow.

For more information about UpCurve Cloud's SugarCRM hosting platform or its partnership with Easy Solutions, contact us here

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