UpCurve Cloud’s Performance Hosting Platform Is Too Fast!!!

by Bill Harrison on April 28, 2010

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Eric Wikman, one of UpCurve Cloud's engineers, forwarded me this email from SugarCRM support recently.

Turns out that the servers we use in our SugarCRM Performance Hosting Platform are just too fast! They exploited a weakness in the SugarCRM software that had to be fixed in a new release.

Does this mean we'll have to get slower servers?????

Here's the text of the email we received from our SugarCRM support engineer, Chris Raffle:

Chris Raffle has created a new Note:

Case Number: 50768

Case Name: Inconsistent and wrong subordinates list

Subject: Bug # 25864

Note: Hi Eric, I attached your case to closed bug # 25864 (http://bugs.sugarcrm.com/?bug_number=25864). This bug is resolved in our 5.5 release. Prior to that release, the bug was most prevalent on powerful servers running Linux. In the file:


Around line 57, was the following code:


The issue with microtime is that on powerful, fast servers, multiple items could have the same value thus only showing a small section of the records that should be shown in the record trees as seen in Studio, Forecasts, Product Catalog, etc.

In 5.5, we changed the code to:

$this->uid = create_guid();

This ensures that each element has its own unique identifier and will be shown in the tree.

I am closing this case, but if you have any additional questions regarding this issue, please post a follow-up note.

Kind regards,


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