Updates to Document Sharing in Google Drive

by Koosha Araghi on October 16, 2013

Starting this week, you will be able to share documents with users outside of your domain who do not have a Google account. This update affects Docs, Presentations, Sheet, and Drawings. Previously sharing documents required your recipients to have access to a Gmail or Google Apps for Business account but with this update, they no longer need to sign in to simply view it.

One thing to note here is that by sharing with individuals who are not required to sign in, the document can be shared and is viewable by anyone with the link URL. If the recipient creates a Google account, the invitation to view the file will be locked and it will only be accessible by that user. If the link is accessed by a user that is already signed into a Google account, their account will be added to the sharing access list and they will continue to have access to the file. Additionally, recipients will be required to sign into their designated Google account if they want to make any edits or comments. Users that have editing privileges will still be able to make modifications to the sharing settings and revoke access if necessary.

Administrators will also be able to lock and prevent any sharing outside of the domain by doing the following:

Access the Google Apps Admin Console and click on Google Apps button.

In the Google Apps Services, select Drive.


Select Sharing Permissions.

Make the necessary changes to reflect your organizations sharing protocol.

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