Updating Fields on the Fly in Sugar

by Roxana Rangu on October 9, 2018

Custom Buttons is part of our uTilities custom Sugar Enhancements and Integrations package. It adds a field type which can add buttons in dashlets, list and record view that covers a variety of capabilities, while reducing the time and hassle needed to manually go through various Sugar menus to complete those actions.

In this blog post, we will show you how to use Custom Buttons to update field values and change the buttons’ appearance based on the new value. 

Check out our short demo below where we created three buttons (Not Started, In Progress, Complete) to update the status of records in our Marketing Activities module in Sugar, which we use to track our content and their current status.

Note that you will need to have Administrator access in your Sugar instance, or ask your admin to install and set up the field type.

Custom Buttons is a part of our uTilities Custom Sugar Enhancements and Integrations package and is available for free for our UpCare customers.

If you are not an UpCurve Cloud customer and would like to learn more about what Sugar can do for your organization, let's talk.


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Roxana Rangu
Associate Marketing Manager at UpCurve Cloud
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