How to Use Templates in Google Docs

by Denise Hazime on June 9, 2016

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Many businesses use letterhead and other document templates in everyday business. Google Docs makes document templates simple to create, work with and find for continued use.

Selecting a Google Docs Template

Google Docs is actually much easier to navigate in terms of getting new templates than Microsoft Word. If you’re looking for a template, visit the Template Gallery, select the one you want, and click “Use This Template” to use it for your current ydocument. Earlier in 2016, Google added a number of professionally designed templates to the Template Gallery and it is continually adding more. Plus, you’ll always be able to access templates created and designed by other users.

Creating Your Own Template

If you have a certain type of document that you need to create often, or often produce quotes, estimates or other collateral using company letterhead, you’ll want to start creating your own Google Docs template. The video below shows you exactly how to do it:   [embed][/embed]   It’s important to note that if you go with Google’s usual flow, your template will be accessible to anyone on the Internet, so make sure there is nothing in your template that is sensitive. Google Apps for Work customers can control access to Google Docs templates using administrative policies.

Creating Your Own Template Using an MS Word Document

It’s fairly easy to create your own template using a Microsoft Word document, such as company letterhead. Upload your MS Word document to your Google Drive, and erase all text from it beyond that which you want in your template, since it will be publicly available. Then, go to, and hit “Submit a Template” at the top far right. Search for your document name and wait a few minutes for it to appear - you will now have access to this template when creating a new document.

Creating a New Document From a Template

You can create a new document from a template by hitting “File” and then “New” and “From Template”. This will open up your templates screen where you’ll be able to access stock Google templates and any that you have saved to your account.  

Creating a New Document From a Template  

You can also access, create and use templates in the same way from Google Sheets and Google Slides. For more on how to use templates in Google Apps for Work, see Google’s support article. If you aren’t set up yet with Google Apps for Work, contact UpCurve Cloud today to see how Google Apps for Work can transform the way your organization does business.

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