Users Can now Configure Look & Feel of Sugar Mobile with MACS

by Katie Liesmann on September 19, 2016

This week SugarCRM announced a new feature release for its mobile app called Mobile App Configuration, or MACS. This service allows organizations to create custom branded versions of Sugar Mobile. Here’s what you need to know about the new configuration service.

About MACS

MACS allows you to create and distribute customized versions of your mobile app. You can personalize the user interface to match your website, your branding elements, or even a totally different theme to fit your needs. Rather than requiring a developer to make updates, these custom changes are driven by an admin. Here’s what you can customize the mobile app:

  • App name
  • Logo
  • Splash screen
  • Login
  • Loading
  • Login button
  • Header
  • About

Standard Sugar Mobile app versus customized app created with MACS

MACS also allows you to distribute your app to your users via a public app store, a private internal Enterprise store, or a mobile device management solution (e.g. Air Watch or Mobile Iron).  Organizations can generate multiple versions of their mobile app for different teams or departments. Creating custom versions of Sugar Mobile to deploy can lead to a better first-time login experience for your employees and therefore better user adoption.

Getting Started

Before building an app, you must acquire the following:

  • A licensed edition of Sugar Enterprise or Ultimate; version 6.7.1 or later
  • A development account with Apple or Google if you wish to distribute and deploy your custom mobile apps on the public app stores
  • An account with

If you want to deploy your app on the public app stores you must first generate a signed certificate with Apple and/or Google using your development account(s). The signing process allows mobile devices to identify who built the app and adds security to prevents any updates to it to be added that don’t come from the original author. After you have created the necessary accounts and generated the signing certificate, navigate to Sugar’s download page. Select “Mobile Tools” from the drop-down to get started with MACS.


Once MACS is installed, you can find it in the drop-down menu with other modules. Once you're there, click the blue “Create New App” button to begin building your new customized app. 


To read a full walkthrough of building your app, check out the full documentation of Sugar MACs. On the right side of the building tool, there is a panel which will walk you through the steps and show you a preview of what your app looks like as you make changes.


This new capability in mobile is among several updates in the mobile extensibility roadmap for Sugar’s mobile app. If you have questions about MACS or want UpCurve Cloud to build you a customized app, reach out to us here

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