Using Chrome to Get the Most Out of Google Apps

by Denise Hazime on September 24, 2015

While you can use other browsers with Google Apps for Work, it makes the most sense to use Chrome. Chrome, like Google Apps, is a Google product and as such the functionality is built into it to work more seamlessly with Google Apps than Firefox or Internet Explorer. Here are a few of the things you can do with Chrome that you can’t with other browsers when working with Google Apps.

Switch Between Google Accounts with Ease

If you are in a situation where people at your company are working with multiple emails for multiple domains (eg. and, Google Chrome allows you to seamlessly switch between accounts without crossing the streams with multi-user sign ins.

To add another account to your profile, click on your picture or email address in the upper right hand corner of Gmail, as below:

Chrome Google Accounts

Click “Add account” and add your other email address that you want to use. It’s that simple.

Chrome Profiles Port Between Devices

When you sign into Chrome on another computer or device, your favourites, contacts, and history are all automatically synced, so you can pick up exactly where you left off with any Google Docs or other files you may be working on.  

Chrome Extensions are Designed to Work with Google Apps

Chrome extensions are one of the best reasons to use Chrome, even apart from Google Apps. When you log into the Chrome Web Store, you can find extensions that will help you do anything you want with your browser and with Google Apps. Most extensions that you choose are cloud-based, so if you log onto your Google Account in which the extension is installed, it will be accessible to you from other computers and, in some cases, on mobile devices.

Chrome Extensions

Useful Chrome Extensions for Your Business

You can find any one of the following useful extensions by searching for them in the Chrome Web Store. Most are free.  


The Google Hangouts app is one of the more useful extensions for business – it allows you to stay online and show presence information to the rest of your colleagues even when you log out of Gmail.

Chrome Google Hangouts

Hellosign and Hellofax

These two extensions from the same company allow you to store your signature and sign online documents with it. With one click of a button through Gmail, you can apply signatures to a document, and get it all done in a few seconds. This is very useful for any business that relies on contracts with a mobile sales force.   Hellofax allows you to send up to 50 free faxes – and considering how often one has to actually fax something, that will keep you going for a while depending on your profession.

Hellosign and Hellofax

Zoho CRM Contact Extractor

This extensions lets you import contacts from just about anywhere to Zoho. Have a list of businesses on a website you want to contact? Click a button and import them all straight into Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM Extractor

Chrome: A Dream for IT Administrators

As an administrator, you can choose to force enable any Chrome extensions you want your workforce to use, saving individual setups on each worker’s computer and multiple devices.

One of the advantages of purchasing Google Apps for Work from a reseller like UpCurve Cloud is that we can recommend Chrome extensions that will work for your business needs. Contact us today about getting set up properly with Google Apps for Work by the experts at UpCurve Cloud.

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