Even in an increasingly wireless world, there are moments in our work lives where we are disconnected from the Internet. These moments can put you and your team at a major disadvantage, especially if you rely on an Internet connection to get things done. While being completely disconnected is a rare event for most, having the freedom to work offline is extremely beneficial with a workforce that is constantly on the go. G Suite makes working offline a breeze, ensuring that your team never misses a beat, even when they’re on-the-go or away from their reliable workplace or home connection.

Using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides offline

Your organization’s productivity suite is likely one of the most widely used solutions in your workplace, allowing your team members to work within and collaborate on word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations at their leisure. With G Suite, your entire workplace will be able to enjoy their favorite productivity suite in any environment - even when there is no Internet connection available. Being able to work in Docs, Sheets, and Slides offline gives your team the freedom they desire to get work done on-the-go, but without making use of limited data plans or relying on open WiFi networks.

G Suite users can easily access their Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files offline anytime through their Google Chrome browser. In order to use and access these files offline, users must first download and install the Google Docs offline extension for Chrome - note that this must be done from a computer or device with Internet access. This can also be done in the “Settings” tab of Docs, Sheets, or Slides, where you can enable “Create, open and edit your recent Google Docs files on this device while offline”, or directly from your Docs, Sheets, or Slides app on Android or iOS devices. For users who only need a specific file for offline use, this feature can be toggled on by navigating to the home screen for Docs, Sheets, or Slides and toggling on the “Available offline” option.

Enjoy a seamless offline experience with the new Gmail

Accessing and managing emails is an important aspect of any modern organization, and being able to read and draft responses to emails offline can give your business a major advantage, allowing your team members to better prepare for meetings or client calls, to respond to lower priority emails, and to get email management done on-the-go. The newly redesigned Gmail experience lets G Suite users take their email inboxes offline, giving you full access to your emails and letting you work without interruption even without a reliable Internet connection.

To enable the new Gmail’s offline experience, you’ll have to use Chrome on your Android device or on a desktop computer - meaning iOS users won’t be able to take advantage of this feature just yet. On a computer, navigate to Gmail’s “Settings” and find the “Offline” option - from here, you’ll be able to “Enable offline mail” and make decisions on email syncing. Android users can navigate to the “Settings” menu of their Gmail app, where you’ll find the “Data usage” option. Once there, simply select “Sync Gmail”, decide how many days worth of emails you’d like to sync to your device, and voila - you’re now able to access, delete, and write emails offline while you’re on the move.

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