Using the Telephone for Conference Calls and More with Google Hangouts

by Denise Hazime on May 7, 2015

Google Hangouts makes holding and dialing into conference calls easy. If you’ll be using Google Hangouts extensively for conference calls, you may want to consider plugins to extend its functionality.

Dial in a Guest to a Hangout

If you want to ask a client a question while holding a group Hangout, just dial them in. Simply click “Invite” and “Phone” at the top to dial someone into your call. Calls are free to all numbers in Canada and the United States.   Step 1: Click the “Invite” icon on the top menu – first icon on the left.  

Dial in a Guest to a Hangout

Step 2: Dial them in by telephone.

Call a phone number

Connecting a Conference Call to a Google Hangout

Why not just dial all team members into the conference call? There’s a few reasons you may want to have your team on your own Google Hangout before dialing into a conference call. You can use Gchat to have a group conversation among yourselves during the conference call to keep everyone on the same page. You may also want to record the conference call to refer back to later. To join a conference call from your Google Hangout, follow the instructions from the first section of this blog post. For etiquette’s sake, make sure you clear the call in with your conference call host, so they know who is dialing in from your team.

Calling Into a Google Hangout From a Phone

The UberConference plugin kicks Google Hangouts up a few notches with a few features over and above giving your Hangouts a dedicated phone number.

  • Makes recording easy, do it right from the app rather than using tools on your computer
  • Mute callers
  • See who is on the call

Intercall also offers conference call integration.

Phone Calls Free in Canada and the US – Cheap Anywhere Else

While we mentioned it in passing above, it bears repeating that any phone calls from Google Hangouts are free to anywhere in Canada or the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Google’s international calling rates are very cheap when compared with any telecommunications provider, so if you need to dial in someone in the UK, it will cost you one cent per minute if you are calling a landline.

Call Phones in Hangouts

You’ll need to purchase credits through Google Wallet prior to making any international calls. A measly $20 should serve your conferencing needs for some time. Research calling rates for any country here.

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