Wake Up Your Audience with Zoho ShowTime

by Denise Hazime on July 16, 2015

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Zoho’s ShowTime shakes up presentations by giving you tools to get real-time feedback on your presentations from your audience at trade shows, conferences and more, while also giving you tools that allow you to present more easily. You can either choose to create your presentation within ShowTime or upload a PowerPoint or PDF file to work with – it’s up to you. Best of all, it’s completely free for you and your attendees to use.

Setting Up Your ShowTime Presentation

To get started, log into your ShowTime account. Upload your presentation or use one that you’ve created. You can do all of this from a mobile phone rather than a laptop to give you room to move around during your presentation.

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From there, set up a key for your talk which can be a simple word, and invite your audience to join at attend.zoho.com, or download the Zoho ShowTime viewer app, and punch in the key. For the smoothest start to your talk, consider adding these instructions and your key to your introductory slide that is on the screen when everyone files in. You should also ask your audience to like the slides that resonate with them.  

How ShowTime Makes Your Presentations Truly Interactive

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ShowTime isn’t just good news for you as the presenter, it lets your audience play along in a much more interactive fashion. They can review slides that they’ve missed, ask questions anonymously without sticking up their hands – a big bonus if you’re presenting to a crowded room.

The part that really helps to amp up your presentation is the fact that your audience can like the slides they are interested in. This allows you to pivot during your presentation – if you see a waterfall of likes coming in for a particular slide, you can linger on that topic a little longer, or go back and revisit the “liked” slides with a bit more information if you have time left over at the end of your presentation. It can also help you revamp your presentation if you have to give it a second time.

Additional tools include a highlighter, pointer and slide pen that you can use to point to specific areas of each slide during your presentation, and a feedback form that is sent automatically to each attendee after you click “End” on your presentation. All questions are also archived for you so you can get back to attendees later if needed.  

Full Reporting Gives You Advanced Insight

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Just like any other Zoho tool, ShowTime features an advanced analytics dashboard that gives you important metrics such as slide by slide performance, audience engagement, total likes and much more. This will help you determine how to change up your presentation in the future and hone your skills.  

Jazz Up Webinars with ShowTime and Google Hangouts on Air

Combine ShowTime with Google Hangouts on Air to get the most out of your webinars. ShowTime isn’t just for in-person presentations, it can also be used for webinars. Webinars can be challenging for presenters because they can’t gauge the mood of people in the room and understand what is hitting and what isn’t – the live feedback ShowTime provides this.

To present your webinar, use Google Hangouts on Air, which allows you to present to a large number of attendees in high definition video. Use ShowTime to garner feedback and analytics, and you have one of the most professional webinars you could possibly put together.

ShowTime is just one of the great products from Zoho. The Zoho suite of tools includes customer relationship management tools, interactive forms and chat tools for your website, and much more. Contact UpCurve Cloud today to get started with Zoho and Google Apps for Work.

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