A brand new year is upon us, which means you’ve most likely made some kind of resolution that will see you challenge yourself in the name of self-improvement. In 2018, look to your workplace digital software solutions when setting your resolutions for your business - a fresh year could mean a complete overhaul of the digital platforms that your business relies on if your current way of doing business is inefficient.

Eliminate Redundancies

The New Year gives your business the perfect opportunity to take a step back and analyze your workplace software usage and whether or not it is meeting your business needs. Severing ties with redundant software will allow your team to move on from software that no longer fits the needs of your business to more relevant solutions. Eliminating software solutions that are not being used or have become ineffective will save your business money and time by allowing your team to put more energy into learning new technology solutions that will benefit your workplace. A perfect way to eliminate redundancies is by making sure that your business is not paying for duplicate services. Several platforms often offer a multitude of services and features, some of which may crossover and create costly redundancies. An example of this is paying for conferencing tools like GoToMeeting when the same service is offered through G Suite with Google Meet.

Focus on Efficiency

Put the time and money you’ll save from eliminating unused software solutions into more efficient solutions and training your employees on these new solutions. More efficient software will be able to integrate with other digital aspects of your business, will help your employees become more productive, and will improve workplace communication on all levels. Improving your business through all-in-one services like Google’s G Suite allows your employees to work more efficiently with a completely integrated productivity suite, making your business and its employees more effective in the coming year. Your organization’s ability to gather business intelligence is vital to its success in the digital age – without it, you risk falling behind the competition. A great way to accurately measure the efficiency of your existing team is by gathering internal business intelligence through solutions like Prodoscore. This software lets you monitor the productivity of your employees, assigning “productivity scores” to each employee based on time spent in workplace solutions and software. Gathering internal intelligence will help you to tackle bottlenecks as they arise, and get a new perspective on the areas that certain team members may thrive or need improvement in. When internal information gathered by solutions like Prodoscore is combined with CRM software, your ability to gather business information will be greatly increased, giving you real world data on your employees and customers that will put you far ahead of the competition.

A Better-Connected Workspace

Connecting your workplace software solutions and digital tools through integration is one of the most effective ways to improve productivity within your business. Ensuring that all your software solutions can communicate and work with one another increases the speed at which your employees are able to work, the accuracy of work produced, and ensures that your team can be in constant communication with each other no matter which platform they are using, or where they are based. For example, if you are using Salesforce or any other CRM, it should be integrated with your email and VoIP business phone system to make sure you are using it to its full potential.

Implement VoIP Phone Systems

Replacing your traditional phone system with a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system can present a lot of benefits for your business. Some of the benefits include seamlessly integrating with your CRM solutions for maximum flexibility and efficiency, allowing your employees to make calls directly from their favorite software, and saving your business money through cheaper long distance costs. Connecting your VoIP system with CRM and email platforms can be done through Vonage Business’ fully integrated platform, further increasing workplace efficiency. A new year means a new start for your business. Ditching unused and duplicate software in favour of more efficient solutions, ensuring integration and connection between all platforms, increasing productivity through better of business intelligence with platforms like Prodoscore and CRM solutions, and investing in an integrated VoIP phone system will give your business a much-needed productivity boost throughout the next year and ensure that you stay far ahead of your competition.

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