What is Google Vault? An Overview

by Koosha Araghi on March 14, 2013

Here at UpCurve Cloud we’ve noticed a new trend with our Google Apps customers over the last year. More and more companies are choosing to get a backup system for their cloud applications. In the middle of last year, Google announced a new add-on Google Apps, called Google Vault. Vault is the successor and replacement for the well known archiving tool, Postini. I’d like to take a moment and go over some things to consider when evaluating your company’s need for cloud backup.

Why do Companies Use Google Vault?

Google Apps cloud servers are some of the most safe and secure servers on the planet, so why would anyone need an additional backup system? There are 2 main parts to the answer:

  1. Compliance: Some organizations need to archive emails instantly to a place where these emails can’t be deleted or tinkered with.
  2. User Error: Safe as those cloud servers are, they can’t protect you from user error. If an employee accidentally deletes emails, the window of opportunity to recover them is between 48-72 hours (and requires going through multiple hurdles). With Vault, everything is retained indefinitely by default without the ability to erase or modify content.

How it Works

All of your companies emails are routed through Vault servers which capture all data (sent/received emails, labels, chats, attachments) that a user has in their account. It can be accessed by designated admins who will be able to perform detailed searches on any criteria in question.

Another key feature is Admins are able to search throughout the entire domain and within a few seconds, search all users for specific keywords or messages.

Google Vault can also be enabled by admins to allow end users to search their records and create ‘matters’ -- vault specific labels that help organize searches. Searched data can also be exported into multiple formats and even recovered back into their inbox.

Who can Benefit?

Our team has helped deploy organizations ranging from financial firms, legal teams, medical offices and more. Many of these establishments are required to adhere to strict compliance standards. With Vault, the data is securely stored without the ability to tamper with records. This data can in turn be exported and employed in legal situations as needed.

For organizations without strict requirements, the added security, ability to restore accidentally deleted data, and company wide email searching at the click of a button is incredibly advantageous. (Note: Restrictions can be made to make email accounts private for management, executives, etc)

The Future of Vault

Google is continually expanding the service and is putting great emphasis on making it a one-stop shop for backups. In the coming months, they will be adding the ability to archive everything from your cloud documents in Google Drive to calendars and sites. This is huge!

So, whether your organization has strict compliance requirements or you’re just looking to securely back-up your data, Google Vault can be an extremely useful tool.

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Koosha Araghi
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