With the introduction of a brand new Security Center dashboard for G Suite, Google has made security administration much easier. The new security center update hosts a variety of useful features that allow IT administrators and G Suite users to secure business data easily and reliably.

The New Google Security Center

Google’s new Security Center update provides peace of mind for business owners and IT administrators concerned with the security of their business data. The G Suite Security Center implements security analytics, insights, and recommendations from Google’s expert security team on how to better secure your sensitive business data. With business becoming more reliant on productivity suites like G Suite, security has never been as important as it is now. The Security Center dashboard is officially available to G Suite Enterprise users, and can be found within the G Suite Admin console.

Easy-to-Understand Security Metrics

With the new update, G Suite administrators can view a convenient snapshot of all important security metrics in one single location. The metrics detail suspicious devices, spam and malware targeting, and data related to the effectiveness of your company’s current security precautions and strategies. The new unified dashboard presents your company’s most vital security metrics in one easy-to-access location, making it easier for administrators to pivot and tighten up company security.

Flag Security Threats and Avoid Attacks

G Suite administrators now have the power to be more proactive about digital security. Security analytics provided in the Security Center dashboard can be closely examined by admins, allowing your company to flag potential threats and avoid future attacks by those sources. This feature can be used to better avoid targeted phishing scams which will keep your company safe from potential data breaches.

Security Recommendations Help Your Company Stay Ahead

With regular security health analysis, the Security Center will help your company’s administrators stay ahead of potential flaws in their G Suite security. This is done through tailored advice and recommendations using data from security health scans that will help you lock down vital user and business data. The analysis covers a wide variety of parameters, including G Suite data storage, file sharing, and Gmail spam filters.

What Businesses Should Watch For

With digital security becoming a major concern for businesses of all sizes around the world, it’s important to know what to look for and what steps to take when it comes to securing your data. Google recommends taking steps like ensuring that two-step verification processes are used for all G Suite users, protecting your business from unauthorized access. It’s important that employees understand how sensitive the data they are working with is, and how they can take steps to better secure their own accounts and business data – including not opening spam emails, adding account recovery options, and regularly reviewing account information. Businesses of all sizes and sectors are prone to cyber attacks from malicious parties, so it’s crucial to lock down your data so that only you and your team have access to it.

With the addition of the Security Center update, G Suite has solidified itself as the leading cloud-based productivity suite. If your business is concerned with the security of their cloud-based company, user, and customer data, G Suite is the most secure productivity tool that gives your team access to unlimited storage space, the ability to work from anywhere, administrative controls and insights, and data loss prevention.

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