Why Every Business Needs to Reduce Risk With Google Vault

by Denise Hazime on March 5, 2015

Cost reflects Google’s direct charge for Google Vault per user. Installation and configuration costs from UpCurve Cloud are not included in this figure. $5 per user was the cost at the time of publication of this post and is subject to change.

There are two reasons that Google Vault is worth the $50 per user cost: compliance with industry and government standards, and ease of electronic document discovery in lawsuits and other legal or HR disputes. It can also be used for everyday operations such as disputes with customers, searching a user’s email for important information if they are on vacation, and much more.

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What Vault Does

Google Vault makes it possible to archive, search, and export email,Google Chats that are “on-the-record”, and Google Drive data from one simple interface. You select how long items are archived for and can specify custom policies for different domains or departments. Even closed accounts can be archived with Google Vault. If you need them, you can export them in standard, easily to use formats. You can also track who is using Google Vault and when for searches, exports, and any other Google Vault activity. It syncs well with Google platform, they go hand in hand – keeping records in the cloud is better, cheaper and simpler.

Legal Use – eDiscovery

Vault saves you legal fees and time by allowing you to find, archive and track communications easily.

Businesses and organizations who face lawsuits must usually go through the process of eDiscovery. eDiscovery, short for electronic discovery, usually consists of requests to hand over electronic communications related to the lawsuit. With Google Vault, all communications can easily be found and are exported in such a way that proper timestamps and other archival information are clearly shown. If an employee does it or worse, a lawyer, you may risk missing important emails and flushing time and money down the drain.

When an employee does a manual search for emails, they may miss one or two very important communications – and even lawyers aren’t infallible. If you miss out on electronic communications that are required, it’s a breach of a court order and may impact the case significantly. With Google Vault, this is never a concern.

You can also place legal holds on existing communications based on specific dates and terms, or target all emails on a user’s account.

Information Governance and Compliance

Governance and compliance standards in your industry or government sector may require you to archive, audit and properly store business communications. Google Vault has customizable policies that allow you to stay in compliance.

Reduce Email Storage Time

If you just have Gmail for work, it is automatically set to store email forever, unless the account is deleted. If you don’t have to keep emails on file and an employee leaves the company, you can set a policy to delete all emails to and from the ex-employee after a certain period of time – freeing up storage space for other users.

Better Than a Third-Party Add-On

Before Google Vault was released, businesses that had compliance and legal requirements had to rely on third-party applications that did what Google Vault does. While these applications do work, it is much more seamless to use Google Vault from within the Google Apps interface rather than bolting on another solution. Google Vault reduces the risk involved in running your business, and makes already stressful disputes much easier to deal with. Contact us today to find out more about installing it with your Google Apps for Work suite. Business users must add it to their suite and it is included with all Google Apps for Education accounts as of January 2015.

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