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    wMobile Users’ Guide Now Supports Full Text Search (Online)

    By Fred Block • April 23rd, 2013
    Audiences: Administrators, End Users

    To start searching, use the SEARCH tab:

    How to search for an exact phrase in the wMobile Users' Guide

    Enclosing one or more words inside of double-quotes will allow you to search for an exact phrase. For example, entering work will find work, working and framework, but entering "work" with double-quotes will only find work. This also works for a group of words. Entering "Working with the Calendar" will only find the exact occurrences of all four words. This functionality (using double-quotes) can be combined with wildcard characters. For example, "work*" will find working but not framework.

    TIP: Using the * and ? Wildcard Characters in Full Text Searches

    There are two wildcard characters you can use when searching: the asterisk (*) and the question mark (?) which are almost the same in use.

    ? is used to represent any single character and * represents any number of characters.


    Search using (?): "s?t"

    Results: sat, sit, set, ...etc.

    "s?t" will find any combination of three characters beginning with "s" and ending with "t".

    Search using (*): "s*t"

    Results: sail boat, soft, signed document, ...etc.

    "s*t" will find any combination of characters beginning with "s" and ending with "t".

    Happy searching

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