One of the biggest fears that business owners have about moving to a cloud-based platform is security. The digital world is full of exciting and groundbreaking opportunities, but opportunists looking to exploit vulnerabilities lurk around every corner. With cloud service platforms like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS), the security of your business and client data is something you’ll never have to worry about again.

All your workplace data and apps are safer in the Cloud

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are susceptible to devastating and embarrassing data breaches that can see the information of thousands or even millions of people compromised, and your business loses years of carefully built goodwill in a matter of minutes. When choosing proven cloud service platforms like Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services, your business data is secured by two of the largest names in the technology sector, both of which give your business access to reliable cloud-based hosting that you can count on.

Not only does moving your business to a cloud platform keep organizational costs down, it also keeps the control and access of your sensitive business data only in the hands of authorized employees, protects your data from the dangers of phishing and ransomware, and keeps your business compliant with industry security standards.

Storing data in on-premise computers and servers is actually less secure than cloud storage for small to medium-sized businesses, as network security is not administered by an actual IT security professional, but by the business owner or a high-level employee who is considered to be the most “tech-savvy” in the office. Just as you would hire a professional to do your accounting, you should hire a professional to take care of your data security - and there is nobody more expertly equipped to do so than Google.

Take control of your business data security with GCP

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) protects your cloud-based data with a variety of measures, including protecting your business from phishing and ransomware attacks with features like real-time monitoring and machine learning, as well as through certified endpoint protection partners that add an additional layer of security to your data by securing all existing endpoints created by devices on your corporate network. GCP also allows only you and those who are authorized to have access to business data, allowing you to use real-time security monitoring to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities in order to keep your business secure.

GCP is also regularly audited to ensure compliance of many industry standard security regulations and guidelines. Companies who have remote teams can also take comfort in knowing that smart remote access measures keep your business data safe through context-aware security, custom user accounts, and device management. Google users also have the Google Admin console available to them, allowing administrators to easily set custom security parameters that work for your business at your own leisure, giving you the control and autonomy that you desire.

Stay secure and keep on top of employee productivity with Prodoscore

For business owners using Google’s G Suite, Prodoscore is an integrated business intelligence tool that allows you to measure the productivity of your team, and enforce the adoption of cloud-based tools. It’s important to have an understanding of the data. Your vision of moving to the cloud can be held up by employees that continue to use “the old system” - even just having one employee that does this can reduce the overall organizational benefits of these tools.

Prodoscore allows management to unobtrusively collect the data from employees via the API’s of cloud tools like G Suite, Salesforce, and cloud bases communication platforms, and assigning productivity scores to each employee. These scores allow employers to measure productivity, address productivity problems and bottlenecks as they arise, and get a better-informed idea of how team members are using these secure cloud-based platforms in the workplace.

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