Zoho Apps in Focus – Sales IQ; More Than Just Live Chat

by Denise Hazime on May 28, 2015

Live chats with customers on websites are much more than just a way to directly engage with your visitors. With the right tool, you can convert those chats into real sales. Zoho Sales IQ is that tool. It allows you to track visitor flow, transfer chat transcripts into the Zoho CRM tool, and integrate with most popular CMS and eCommerce platforms.

Core Function as a Chat Tool Shines

If your main concern is having a functional, cross-platform integrated chat tool, Sales IQ can be installed on your website in a matter of minutes without any advanced coding or other procedures. Your employees get private training seminars online that answer all of their questions so your workforce can start using the tools within days. Team managers can offer private feedback on chats for real-time coaching.

Core Function as a Chat Tool Shines

How Live Chat on Your Website Works for Your Business

In these days of social media, we hear a lot about “engaging” with the customer in “direct conversations”. It doesn’t get more engaging and direct than a live chat on your website. Shopping cart abandonment gets drastically reduced, as concerns about shipping, security and the usual pain points get addressed immediately. If just a few orders per month are saved by using Sales IQ, you won’t just be paying for it, you’ll be making money off of it. Impulse purchases can also be increased just by having someone there to answer questions at the checkout counter.

How Live Chat on Your Website Works for Your Business

And so what if people don’t use it? According to a recent study, 25% of live chatters made 51% to 75% of their purchases on the Web, where only 10% of those who don’t use live chat services shop online. A live chat tool puts you in touch with the people you want to reach – those with their credit cards out while they’re on the computer.

Integrates with Almost Anything

Sales IQ integrates with most popular CMS systems (Wordpress, Joomla, etc.) and most eCommerce systems (Shopify, osCommerce, etc.). For a full list of product and CMS integrations, see Zoho’s website.

Top-Down Reporting to Improve Your Business

Reporting for Sales IQ gives you a view of how many chats are being handled, who your top agents are, and how your visitors moved through the site both before and after use of the tool. This is data you can use to improve sales and your website.

Top-Down Reporting to Improve Your Business

Sales IQ is available on its own or as a bundled app with Zoho CRM Plus.

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