Zoho Creator – Build Custom Programs and Apps Without the Hassle

by Denise Hazime on August 13, 2015

Zoho Creator – Build Custom Programs and Apps Without the Hassle Banner

Every business has a custom need for programming that isn’t quite filled by programs or solutions that are on the market. Traditionally, having those needs addressed meant hiring a developer to link all of your systems with a custom software program or application.

Zoho Creator enables you to build form-based applications which generate reports and present the activity in customizable dashboards for your end users. You can use a drag and drop interface to create or import data from multiple sources, including spreadsheets and databases, to create a custom application that does anything you want it to – without knowing how to code.

Zoho Creator: The Easiest Way to Build Applications

Replace Your Developers Entirely – Or Hire a Zoho Creator Expert

If you want to build, for example, a sales automation app, Zoho Creator makes it easy by letting you use all of your existing systems and software. Your Zoho Creator app can populate information in various programs, email or text various team members when a certain action occurs such as a sale, and generate reports for senior executives. Your new app will be mobile phone ready, a step that usually costs a significant amount of money for developers to accomplish.

If your team doesn’t even have the time it takes to create your custom app in Zoho Creator, you can still slice your development costs by hiring Zoho to create your custom app in Zoho Creator – for a fraction of the cost of hiring a developer to code it from scratch.

Feed Custom ERP Systems into Zoho Creator

With Zoho Creator, you can pull data from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, usage metering systems, and more to create a full picture of everything that is going on, rather than just individual pieces you have to bolt together. You’ll get a better look at incoming revenue and what you are spending in each business process.

If you have any Internet of Things solutions in your company, Zoho Creator is a great way to tie them all together into actionable insights. See how a winery uses Zoho Creator to integrate all of the small steps that go into their business in the video below:

You can also easily connect to software and online solutions, such as SalesForce or Zoho CRM Plus. Data flows both ways, so your app can constantly update SalesForce, and it will be populated with any new information that is entered directly into SalesForce. Connecting is simple and can be done through the “Connections” menu in Zoho Creator.

Zoho Connections

Working with Zoho Creator is Easy – Pre-Built Applications and More

Pre-Built Applications

Zoho Creator puts the power that a developer has in your hands with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. What may have cost $30,000 in invoices to a third-party developer can now cost you about $3,000 in person hours or through hiring a Zoho Creator expert with UpCurve Cloud. Large businesses can save significant dollars, while smaller businesses now have access to something they wouldn’t have been able to afford until now. The mobile-friendly app you want, at a price that you can easily justify.

Pre-built applications are available, such as order management, sales management, and more. You can just tweak aspects of the pre-built applications rather than building one from scratch to build your own app, saving you time and money.

If you want to find out more about Zoho Creator, contact UpCurve Cloud today. We’ll either set you up with it so you can start building your own apps, or offer expert help for building your app in Zoho Creator with one of our Zoho Creator Application Specialists. For CRM needs, we sell Zoho CRM Plus which can be customized for your business with one of our Zoho-certified CRM Consultants.

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